Writing a compelling personal mission statement is an important step that helps guide people in understanding what goals and values to set for themselves. It positions an individual to be in control of their own destiny and life journey. A personal mission statement is a tool to ensure that people adhere to their values in order to achieve the best possible outcome in whatever circumstance. In this article, we will explore how to write a mission statement that is meaningful and motivating.

What is a Personal Mission Statement?

A personal mission statement is a one- or two-sentence expression of a person’s vision and goals. It helps to define purpose and provide direction to individuals and steer them towards their goals. The statement should address values, ambitions and objectives, helping to define the person’s life and job goals.

Elements of a Good Mission Statement

It’s important to make sure that the elements that make up your mission statement are meaningful to you, it should be clear, concise and set the tone for the journey you’re about to embark on. A good mission statement should:

Include Core Values

A strong personal mission statement should be based on core values; those values and beliefs that are meaningful, important and enduring. These include but are not limited to, love, family, education, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility and good health.

Define Vision

When constructing your mission statement, you should focus on what you want to accomplish and the type of person you want to be, rather than the traits or qualities that have to do with who you currently are. Crafting the mission statement with an eye towards the future can help to motivate and inspire.

Create Goals

A compelling mission statement should list the goals you want to achieve through your journey. Establishing goals provides the opportunity to look ahead, plan ahead and motivate yourself towards your desired outcome.

Invoke Action

Be specific and use language that will motivate and challenge you. “Doing” words, such as strive, learn, develop, create, succeed and contribute, will help to encourage action and ensure consistency.

Tips for Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Writing a personal mission statement can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help craft a compelling and meaningful statement:


Take some time to reflect on why this mission is important to you, what it means to you and how it will help you reach your desired outcome.

Be Honest

It’s important to be honest with yourself when constructing your mission statement. Don’t make promises that are impossible to keep, or be unrealistic in your expectations.

Read Examples

Find examples of mission statements that are meaningful to you and use them as a starting point to construct your own. Think about what resonates with you and use that to craft a statement that speaks to your authentic self.


Edit and revise your mission statement until it feels right and tightly conveys your goals and values.

People Also Ask

What is the purpose of writing a mission statement?

The purpose of writing a mission statement is to provide clarity about the overall goals and objectives of an individual or organization. It acts as a compass to keep people on track and ensure that they are working towards their desired destination.

How do you start a mission statement?

Starting a mission statement can start with reflecting on the core values that are important to the individual, identifying their vision and the desired outcome, and producing strong, action-oriented language that will inspire and motivate the individual.

What should I include in my mission statement?

A mission statement should include core values, a vision for the future, goals, and language that will inspire and motivate. All of these elements should be tailored to the individual to ensure that it is meaningful and relevant.

How long should a mission statement be?

A mission statement should be one or two sentences in length and should be concise, specific and meaningful.

What should my mission statement not contain?

A mission statement should not contain any element that the individual is not passionate about or does not feel strongly connected to. It should also not contain language that is not action-oriented or inspiring.

Final Words

Writing a personal mission statement can seem like a daunting task. However, by taking the time to reflect on core values, establish a vision and craft goals, a personal mission statement can be crafted that will motivate and inspire to action. It’s important to take the time to craft a meaningful mission statement that will represent what is important to you and set you on the path to success.