Marketing Managers – Top 10 Job in America


A marketing manager is a person responsible for managing marketing activities in a company.

  • If analytical thinking comes to you naturally…
  • If your mind is always open for creative ideas…
  • If you are a leader by nature with remarkable communication proficiency…
  • If you find it easy to cope with the stress of tight deadlines without caving in to all the pressures…

… then, it is about time that you consider starting a career in one of the top-paying jobs in America. Marketing managers in the USA are now more and more in demand, and it is all for a good reason.

What a Marketing Manager Actually Does?


He usually develops marketing plans tailored to reach the business objectives. And when doing so, he oversees the coordination of the different aspects of the marketing plan that include marketing research, creative and design, or sales and budget.

The marketing manager when implementing a marketing plan needs to create different advertising or sales campaigns in order to effectively sell the specific product or service.

Also, in order to create a successful marketing plan, the marketing manager needs to take into account the input from different departments (sales, development, research, creative, etc).

A marketing manager is usually responsible for managing and organizing multiple marketing campaigns. Also, when creating a new campaign, he often seeks help from his team for brainstorming creative ideas.

In addition, it’s important to note that every marketing campaign requires thorough market research for appealing to different demographics, so he needs to work closely with the research team as well.

Most marketing managers work a regular 9-5 job in the company during the workweek. However, sometimes when the new campaigns are launched (especially with paid traffic), he may need to put in long hours even on weekends – to ensure everything is running smoothly, and no budget is wasted unnecessarily.

What Is The Average Salary For A Marketing Manager in The USA?

The average salary for a Marketing Manager is $68/year (as of 2022). The total cash earnings of the marketing manager range from $46K to $102K on the high end.

marketing manager salary 2022

Base Salary 

$46k - $102k


$988 - $15k

Profit Sharing

$804 - $14k


$986 - $30k

Total Pay 

$43k - $107k

Career opportunities in today’s marketing industry have steadily and vastly improved for the past few years, and in fact, the United States Labor Department is expecting that the number of positions for marketing managers in the USA will grow much faster than the rest of the average career sectors.

The competition for this best-paid job in the USA is foreseen to become fiercer and those who are dreaming of moving up to management might need some additional years of extensive experience as compared to existing requirements.

Responsibilities Of Marketing Managers In The USA


  • Manage the advertising, budget, and public relationships.
  • Assist in conducting market research (concerning demographics, competition, or website audits) and interpreting the research data.
  • Identify potential customers and markets (general public, businesses, retailers, wholesalers, and government)
  • Assist in suggesting and implementing effective marketing strategies and campaigns for products and services.
  • Oversee the subordinate staff in their day-to-day job performance.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure that project goals (sales, leads, traffic) are met – within the approved budget.

The marketing managers together with their subordinates, specifically the product development department and market research department, are in charge of the development of marketing strategies for the company they belong to. Most of the time, this is also how the services and products of the company are analyzed and put into action.

While simultaneously striving to retain the levels of customer satisfaction, marketing managers also attempt to maximize profits and market share by the use and implementation of the most efficient pricing strategies.

The marketing manager can work side by side with other managers to increase brand awareness and attract more consumers through promoting the services or products of the company.

Lastly, in an attempt to keep tabs on the trends that show the need for the development of new services and products, many marketing managers work hand in hand with sales managers and product development managers. Once the product has reached a final stage of development, they help oversee the whole process, and launch it successfully.

Many smaller companies usually outsource their promotional and advertising responsibilities, with the manager serving as the liaison between the company and advertising agency.

What Requirements Are Needed To Become a Marketing Manager?


Most marketing managers are required to have a bachelor’s degree from a university in a marketing management discipline (such as business, economics, marketing, communications, or another similar field).

But, to become a marketing manager usually, you will need over 5 years of experience in the related area.

Since most of the marketing activities are turned to the digital world, marketing managers need to have a profound knowledge of computer science as well.

However, in the private sector, there is really no definite course of educational requirements if you want to qualify for this high-salary job in the USA. More often than not, marketing managers in a majority of private companies are being promoted from within the organization wherein they rose through the ranks as either market researchers or sales managers.

As for education, this pertains to the substantial training that an aspirant can acquire while climbing the corporate prestige ladder. This means that the initial step that is involved in having what is said to be the highest paying career in the USA is to first set foot on the door before working your way up slowly but surely.

It might or might not be necessary to have a marketing curriculum involved in formal education. In fact, there are numerous satisfactory core studies. It has now become common among many employers that they usually look for those candidates with a fairly broad education in liberal arts with any related or pertinent work experience. The requirements can vary from one position to another.

Surprisingly, a lot of companies cast a favorable eye on candidates with bachelor’s degrees in literature, journalism, psychology, sociology, or philosophy. Others might choose a successful candidate who has a business administration degree and a master’s degree in marketing.

Environments that are more high technology type, like computer manufacturing, might prefer a marketing manager who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in business administration.

Final Words

Even though marketing manager is a very lucrative career choice that many prefer, you can’t just join the circle of marketing managers in the USA in a single day.

You need to have the experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills needed as you work your way up to land your dream job.