A chief executive officer (CEO) is the most senior corporate officer and highest-ranking executive in a company who is mainly in charge of managing the organization.

The primary responsibilities of a CEO are to devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals efficiently.

The chief executive officers are in charge of directing, planning, and coordinating operational activities of companies in both the public and private sectors.

They are mainly responsible for making major corporate decisions and are the company’s public face. The CEO position is earned hard after many years dedicated to the company, and the CEO often is elected by the board of directors.

Being a CEO is definitely one of the highest-paying jobs in the USA. If you are looking for the best-paid job in the USA or a top-paying job in America, being a CEO is definitely it (and the average pay for CEOs in the USA is more than reasonable).

What Is The Average Salary For a CEO in The USA?

The average salary for a CEO is $163k/year (as of 2024). The total cash earnings of the Chief Executive Officers range from $75K to $307K on the high end.

CEO salary USA 2022

Base Salary

$75k - $307k


$5k - $145k

Profit Sharing

$4k - $144k


$5k - $196k

Total Pay

$75k - $398k

What Are The Primary Responsibilities Of A CEO?

There are plenty of things that CEOs do, but their primary responsibilities include:

  1. Setting strategy, direction, and business development
  2. Establishing positive relationships with stakeholders
  3. Modeling and establishing the company’s culture
  4. Building and leading the senior executive team
  5. Allocating capital to the company’s priorities
  6. Determining goals and initiatives

Chief Executive Officers are also responsible for setting strategy, tone, vision, corporate culture, team building and capital allocation.


A CEO’s responsibilities can vary from one company to another depending on the company’s size, culture, and corporate structure.

  • In large corporations, CEOs are responsible for high-level strategic decisions related to the company’s overall growth.
  • In smaller businesses, CEOs are more hands-on and involved with the day-to-day operations of the company.

How Does The CEO Set The Company Strategy & Culture?

The CEO is responsible for putting together a strategic set of plans on how to guide the company. The CEO sets the direction for the company and where the company will enter. The CEO decides the budget, the partnership, and how the team will be formed.

It’s their job description to ensure that the team and all employees carefully follow these plans when it comes to all business decisions and operations.

Another important thing is building the culture of the company. This is done through people. In order to be successful, the CEO needs to be an effective leader and to possess great social skills. A lousy place will drive away the high performers, and they, therefore, will have to pick more suitable workplaces with a strong and reliable Chief Executive Officer.

A good working place will attract and retain the best of the performers. So one of the most important CEO’s responsibilities is to ensure a good working environment with professional organizational culture.

What Are The Major Duties Of Chief Executive Officers?


Not every CEO’s job duty is the same because it mainly depends on the type of organization, but it mostly includes leading, guiding, and overseeing the job performance of other higher-ranking employees (such as presidents and vice presidents).

The Chief Executive Officers furthermore will be responsible for setting budgets in the firm. He will be responsible for funding projects with strategy and support.

The CEO always needs to take into consideration the company’s expenditures and need to manage the firm’s capital as well.

Even though certain CEOs don’t see themselves as finance people (such as sales managers or financial managers) their high-level financial decisions are highly important in determining the fate of the company.

In a startup, a CEO does basically everything and has a ton of duties. He or she is responsible for the success or failure of the company. Everything from operations to strategy and creation of the company culture, to hiring and firing, everything is done by the CEO.

Moreover, the CEO’s duties are equally important as what he actually does and what he delegates.

Final Words

It’s a fact that the CEO makes a great living and can afford a very nice lifestyle. However, the position can be very stressful because it comes with some large responsibilities and long hours.

Since CEOs bear so many responsibilities, it’s understandable why this is one of the top 10 jobs with the highest salaries in the USA. And if you are looking for the highest paying job in the USA for 2024, being CEO is definitely a top choice.