Putting together a winning resume is an important step in the journey towards landing the job of your dreams. Crafting a resume specifically for student-athletes can be especially daunting, as it is a combination of highlighting your achievements both in the classroom and on the field. In this article, we will look at a sample resume for student-athletes and discuss how to best write a resume that highlights your dedication, hard work, and successes.

Elements of a Student-Athlete Resume

Personal Information and Contact Details

The first section of the resume should include personal information such as your name, address, phone numbers, and email address. Make sure that this information is up to date and easy for a potential employer to contact you.

Education and Degrees Earned

It is important to include educational details such as the name of the schools and universities you have attended, the years you attended, and any degrees that you have earned. It is also a great idea to include any awards or distinctions you have received for your academic achievements, such as a scholarship or Dean’s List recognition.

Team Roster and Athletic Accomplishments

Next, include any previous and current sports teams you have participated in, such as the football team or track team. This should also include any standings and records of tournaments, or competitions that you took part in. Also don’t forget to include any awards or honors you have received for your athletic performance.

Leadership Roles & Extracurricular Activities

Mention any other extracurricular activities in which you may have held a leadership role, such as being class president or participating in student council. If you have served as a club leader or tutor, it is also important to note these experiences as they demonstrate your commitment, dedication, and leadership abilities.

Skills and Abilities

Include any other relevant skills, knowledge, or experience you oppose that could be applicable to the job you are applying for. Highlighting your technical or computer skills along with any foreign language proficiency can be very beneficial.

Work Experience and Internships

If you have completed any internships or have any job experience, it is important to include this information as it bolsters your professional experience. This does not necessarily have to be full-time employment; you can include any part-time work, freelance work, or volunteer work as well.


Finally, include any personal or professional references you may have. These references can range from former coaches or professors to supervisors or colleagues, but be sure that you obtain their permission before providing their information on your resume.

People Also Ask

What should I include in my student-athlete resume?

When creating a student-athlete resume, it is important to include your personal information and contact details, educational details, any teams or competitions you have taken part in, any leadership roles or extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, work experience or internships, and any references.

How can I make my student-athlete resume stand out?

You can make your resume stand out by including any specific awards, accomplishments or distinctions you have achieved in the classroom or on the sports field. It is also important to mention any extracurricular activities, internships, or jobs in which you have held a leadership role, to demonstrate your commitment, dedication, and leadership skills.

What should I exclude from my student-athlete resume?

Your resume should not include any irrelevant personal information such as your age or your marital status. Additionally, it is best to avoid including any irrelevant work or activities as this could distract from the main focus of your resume.

What should the format of my student-athlete resume look like?

Your student-athlete resume should be neatly formatted and should include sections such as personal information, education, teams and athletic accomplishments, leadership roles and extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, work experience and internships, and references.


Creating a resume specifically for student-athletes can be challenging, but with the right information and structure, you can create a standout resume that will give you the competitive edge when applying for jobs. With the above sample resume and tips, you now have the necessary information and knowledge to build a successful and competitive student-athlete resume.