When considering the career options within the educational field, most people have their feet firmly set on the ground. But with the Digital Age well and truly taking over, more and more employees are finding a new niche in the increasingly popular area of online teaching. And with such an approaching trend comes the need to be prepared when it comes to writing an engaging, effective and convincing online teaching resume. This article will provide a resume template and a few tips on what to include in an online teaching resume.

Main Headlines

1. Introduction

The introduction of your online teaching resume should be useful and relevant. It may contain a brief introduction to your professional background, your education, and any areas of expertise you may have. Keep the objective statement of your resume brief, concise and relevant to the job for which you are applying.

2. Relevant Skills and Accomplishments

When writing your online teaching resume, make sure to highlight your relevant skills and accomplishments. Mention any special skills or accomplishments relevant to the position you are applying for. These might include problem solving skills, technical skills, creative problem solving abilities, and any specific qualifications you possess related to the position. Also, include any awards or certificates you have received that may be beneficial to the job you are applying for.

3. Professional Experience

Provide an overview of your professional experience relevant to the job role to which you are applying. This should include any relevant experience in teaching, administration or leading educational programs. Be sure to also include a list of your teaching qualifications such as degrees, certifications, or licenses.

4. Highlights of Qualifications

List any high points in your professional background that demonstrate your excellence in teaching. This could include specific awards, certifications, seminars you’ve taken and any other qualifications that can help demonstrate your expertise in the field.

5. Professional Goals

Include a section stating your professional goals, such as any goals you have for yourself as an online teacher, or any goals you have in terms of advancing your educational qualifications. This will show your clear understanding of the educational field and the commitment you have to the job.

6. Technological Skills

Demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency with regards to all the technology systems and software employed in the position. Describe in detail the various technologies and programs that you are familiar with, such as Blackboard, Zoom, or any other virtual learning and teaching platforms.

7. List of Publications

If you have any publications or documents related to your work, such as research papers, articles, journal contributions, or book chapters, include these in the online teaching resume.

8. References

Mention the list of professional references you have. These could include the name and contact details of any faculty members, school administrators, or online teaching mentors.

9. Testimonials

Include any positive feedback or testimonials you may have received from previous employers or students. These show that you are a reputable and experienced teacher with the qualifications necessary for this role.

10. Awards and Certificates

At the end of your online teaching resume, include a list of any awards and certificates you have received related to teaching or education. This will demonstrate your commitment to the field, and prove that you are a well-educated and qualified teacher.

People Also Ask

Q. How do I make an online teaching resume stand out?

When creating an online teaching resume, it is important to focus on the skills and accomplishments relevant for the job. Use bulleted lists to display the most important points and highlight your experiences, qualifications and other achievements. Use bold font to make important facts stand out.

Q. What should I include in an online teaching resume?

In your online teaching resume include your professional background, the qualifications and awards you possess, the technologies and software you are familiar with, any publications, references and testimonials you have, and a list of any awards and certificates received.

Q. What should I avoid when creating an online teaching resume?

Be careful to avoid vague wording and repetition when creating your online teaching resume. Double-check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure you use clear, concise language that is relevant to the job.


In conclusion, writing an online teaching resume can seem like a challenge, but with the right format, content, and styling tips, you can create an engaging and effective resume for employment in the online teaching sector. With your resume, you can demonstrate your knowledge of the educational field and showcase your accomplishments, skills, and qualifications in a professional way.