Are you looking to create a standout assistant buyer resume? Writing a resume for a job in retail and merchandising requires careful consideration of your skills and experiences, and even more so when the career in question is assistant buyer. An assistant buyer requires a specific mission of researching merchandise and market trends, developing relationships with vendors, and overseeing the product life cycle in a way that maximizes the customer experience. Crafting a resume for an assistant buyer position that successfully captures the rhythms of the retail market as well as conveys your skills as a professional is an essential tool for success. This article will provide key points on how to write an assistant buyer resume to maximize your job search efforts.

Creating an Effective Resume Objective

The resume objective is a critical part of your resume package. It’s the first impression that you make, so take the time to craft a statement that outlines your specific experience, accomplishments, and goals, such as this example:

“Dynamic and experienced assistant buyer seeking a position with your team where I can put my extensive retail and merchandising experience, effective negotiation skills and knowledge of the market to optimal use.”

Keep it specific:

Your resume objective should be tailored to the position you are applying for and should reflect your relevant experiences and qualifications for the job.

Highlight your strongest attributes:

As an assistant buyer, you need to be able to quickly build relationships, identify opportunities and negotiate contracts and deals. Your resume should highlight your communication and analytical skills, ability to manage vendor relationships, and knowledge of the retail market.

Stay concise:

Your resume objective should be concise, so focus on including only the most relevant and essential information and leave out generic phrases or platitudes.

Highlighting Your Professional Experience

The professional experience section is the centerpiece of your resume and should detail your contributions to the past roles you’ve had. Employers want to see that you have successes and special skills that differentiate you from the competition.

Include quantifiable results:

When applicable, include results that demonstrate a successful record as an assistant buyer, including how many vendors you managed, how much you reduced or increased costs, or the percentage of on-time shipments.

Feature your most recent experience first:

The hiring manager likely is only skimming the details of your experience, so always start with your most recent job and go in reverse chronological order.

Distinguish skills from experience:

In addition to listing your professional experience, it’s also important to detail the skills that you’ve developed and can apply to the job. Use a separate section devoted to listing your skill set and make sure it highlights the skills that you possess to be a successful assistant buyer.

Creating a Compelling Education Section

The hiring manager will be looking for certifications, a college degree or additional training that sets you apart from other job seekers.

Highlight certifications and training:

Highlight any additional training you’ve completed or job-related certifications that you possess. Upon completion of most certification programs, you can include them on your resume.

Include recent education:

If you are a recent college graduate, include your academic achievements in the education section.

Keep it relevant:

Include any courses that directly minimally relate to the position, such as a specific courses related to buying or retail.


Writing an assistant buyer resume is a task that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. You need to craft a resume that conveys your relevant experiences, accomplishments and goals, which could mean the difference between getting your dream job or not. Outline your experiences, skills, and education section and emphasize quantifiable results and certifications for the best possible resume presentation. Following these guidelines will help ensure you have a comprehensive and compelling resume that will greatly improve your chances for success in job searching.