As one of the most creative, imaginative and unique professions, being an animator requires you to have an equally unique, captivating, and noteworthy resume. An outstanding animator resume should have the right structure, highlight the right skills, and depict all of your experience and qualifications in the best way possible. Crafting an impressive animator resume takes time and thought, so understanding how to make each component of your animation resume shine is key. In this article we will walk you through the basics of how to write an animator resume, from choosing the right format, to drafting out the elements you should include and best ways to portray your experience and qualifications.

Choose the Right Format for Your Resume

The easiest way to start your animator resume is to pick the right format for you. There are three main formats used for resumes: chronological, functional, and combination.

Chronological Format

A chronological resume is the most commonly used format, where the resume is structured in reverse-chronological order, starting with your current job and going through your prior relevant positions, qualifications and experience. This format is the best choice for animators who have a consistent, linear work experience.

Functional Format

For animators who have many skillsets or work in a variety of animation platforms, a functional resume is a good option. This format focuses on non-chronological items like skills, abilities, and qualities. It is a great way to emphasize the skills you developed from specific projects or experiences rather than focusing solely on a timeline of work.

Combination Format

Finally, a combination format is good for animators who have held a variety of positions, but also want to highlight their key professional skills. This resume format provides the structure of a chronological resume but allows for more flexibility so that you can emphasize relevant skills and thus create an attention-grabbing, boostable animation resume.

Highlight the Relevant Experience and Qualifications

Your job is to show potential employers why you are the best fit for the job, so you have to put your best foot forward. To do this, make sure you feature information that directly relates to the job you are applying for.

Your Professional Summary

The Professional Summary section of your animation resume should provide a snapshot of your experience and qualifications, while also highlighting the unique skills you bring to the table. Use this section to showcase your passion for animation and any successes you have achieved in your previous roles.

Highlight Your Relevant Skills

In this section of your animator resume, list out any software and tools you are proficient with and make sure to list the relevant tools for the job you are applying for. Employers want to know that you have the necessary skills, so highlight any abilities that would make you a great addition to their team.

Detail Your Projects and Experiences

No animation resume would be complete without detailing your prior professional experiences, your clients, and any projects that you have worked on. This section allows you to give potential employers a complete picture of your capabilities, highlighting the fact that you have the experience and the know-how to tackle the job they are offering.

People Also Ask

What should be included in an animator resume?

An animator resume should include: a professional summary, list of skills, details of prior professional experience, and a portfolio of project samples.

How do I make my animator resume stand out?

To make an animator resume stand out, highlight your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Make sure you tailor your resume to the job and include specific experiences that show why you are the best candidate for the position.

Do I need a portfolio to get a job as an animator?

Yes, a portfolio of your animations is essential for landing a job as an animator. Employers want to see your best work and the projects that showcase your skills.

What should I include in my portfolio for an animation job?

Your portfolio should contain at least 3-5 samples that demonstrate your abilities. Include animations you have done for past projects, explainers, and other visual work, as well as any awards and recognition you have received for your work.

Final Words

An impressive animator resume is the perfect way to showcase your best work and to demonstrate why you should be hired for the position. With the right structure, format, and details, you can create a resume that sets you apart from other applicants and guarantees you will stand out in the pile of applications.