Writing a strong resume for an Accounting Clerk role demands more than familiarity with Excel and working with accounts. A great Accounting Clerk resume must be concise, correctly formatted, and ultimately demonstrate your ability to track income, expenses, and manage financial documents. Crafting an Accounting Clerk resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is essential to get the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition.

1. Create a Compelling Summary Statement

Let Employers Know What You Have to Offer

Start your resume off with a compelling summary statement that communicates your knowledge of accounting practices, ability to resolve discrepancies, and proficiency with data entry. This statement should be in a few sentence form, and make sure to keep it concise and to the point. For example: Experienced Accounting Clerk utilizes computerized accounting software to track income and expenses, manage accounts receivables, and provide financial reports to colleagues.

2. Highlight Relevant Skills

The Pillar of an Accounting Clerk Resume

Highlighting the skills that make you the best candidate for an Accounting Clerk position is essential to creating an effective resume. Your relevant skill set should include analyzing data, financial report preparation, and customer service. Utilize both hard skills, such as knowledge of accounting software, and soft skills, such as problem-solving, in this section. Be sure to include any other special talents or certifications that make you a valuable addition to any Accounting Clerk position.

3. Include Work Experience

Showcase Your Past Responsibilities

Adding your work history is a great way to showcase your past job responsibilities. When adding your history, make sure to include your job title, company name, job duties, and for how long you worked at every position. Remember to list your experience in reverse chronological order. Additionally, focus on quantifiable achievements, such as helping reconcile accounts or reducing expenses by a certain percentage. This section should be bulleted, and highlight each accomplishment in an action-oriented way.

4. Add Education Background

Showcase What You Studied

Adding your education background helps hiring managers better understand what you studied that could contribute to the Accounting Clerk position you are seeking. This section of the resume should include the university or college name, field of study, years you attended and if you obtained a degree or diploma. Additionally, your education section should include any extra-curricular activities or awards you enjoyed or obtained while in school.

5. Utilize Professional Formatting

Make Your Resume Look Professional

Utilizing a professional and easy-to-read formatting style is essential in making a resume look polished and professional. A great way to create a professional resume is to utilize reverse chronological order, one-inch margins, and use of white space to separate various sections. Additionally, using a clear font and font size will ensure that employers don’t have difficulty reading your resume.

People Also Ask

Q: What kind of accounting software do I need to know to be an Accounting Clerk?

To become an Accounting Clerk, you should have knowledge of multiple accounting software packages and similar technology such as Excel. Being familiar with different systems, and knowing how to use them efficiently is essential in the role of an Accounting Clerk.

Q: What other abilities do I need to become an Accounting Clerk?

The abilities that are helpful for an Accounting Clerk include problem-solving, strong organizational skills, and exceptional customer service. Additionally, the ability to be multitasking and meet tight deadlines is especially important in the role.

Q: What certification do I need to become an Accounting Clerk?

Having a background in accounting is enough to become an Accounting Clerk, but obtaining additional certifications such as the Certified Payroll Professional or Certified Accounts Payable Professional will further benefit your chances.

Q: How do I show accuracy on my Accounting Clerk resume?

To show accuracy on your Accounting Clerk resume, focus on highlighting past job duties that included double-checking and reconciling accounts, or being meticulous with data entry. Additionally, you should add any awards or honors received from past employers related to accuracy to further illustrate your attention to detail.

Q: What should I include in the objective of an Accounting Clerk resume?

Including an objective in an Accounting Clerk resume should tell the employer what role you are seeking and why you are the best candidate for the position. Additionally, it should be concise and tailored to the specific job you are applying for. The objective should showcase your relevant experience and knowledge.

Final Words

A great Accounting Clerk resume should demonstrate your knowledge of accounting practices, ability to resolve discrepancies with accuracy and proficiency with data entry and management. Highlighting your relevant skill set, work experience, and education background is an effective way to showcase to employers why you are the best candidate for an Accounting Clerk position. LiveCareer is here to help you both create the perfect resume and find the job that is right for you.