Are you looking to join a boat crew and unsure where to start or how to make your application stand out? Writing a strong yacht crew CV is vital to landing the job of your dreams. Combining your skills and experience alongside showcases of your potential makes you a prime candidate. This article outlines the essential points to consider when writing your yacht crew CV, providing guidance and tips every step of the way.

Creating Your Own Yacht Crew CV

Outlining Your Most Relevant Experience

When writing your yacht crew CV, start from the top and work your way down. Highlight any previous relevant experience you’ve had in the past, such as previous sailing trips and crewing roles on a vessel. These experiences should be explained in detail including length of time spent, and type of vessel. Adding your responsibilities, level of comfort and any awards achieved can give an extra boost to your CV.

Recording Yacht Certifications & Qualifications

When it comes to your qualifications and certifications, don’t forget to include any personal certifications associated with first aid or safety. Accredited qualifications are essential when applying to be part of a yacht crew, and any relevant subject matter should be mentioned. The inclusion of official certifications can turn your CV into a significant asset, as it directly reflects your aptitude, commitment and enthusiasm.

Outlining Your Unique Skills & Strengths

Your skills, strengths and passions should be added to your CV, as it provides insight into your character and capabilities. Notable skills include a good work ethic, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others, especially in high pressure environments. Be sure to highlight any hobbies relevant to the industry, such as surfing and fishing. Give examples of how you’ve personally utilized your skills and strengths, like repairing an engine and helping out with crew duties.

Including Your Professional Image & References

Professionalism is key when writing a yacht crew CV, so don’t forget to add a professional image and a positive, valid reference. Many yacht owners will want to get a real sense for who the potential crew member is, so the inclusion of your professional image allows them to make a connection before meeting you in person. Including a positive reference is essential, as it adds to the validity of your CV.

Proofreading & Making Corrections

Proofreading your yacht crew CV is an integral part of the application process. Checking for grammar and spelling errors, incorrect information and typos is important, as it allows you to make the necessary improvements before submitting your CV. Get a friend, family member or a professional to review and give feedback.

People Also Ask

How long should a yacht crew CV be?

A yacht crew CV should not exceed two A4 pages in length. Keep the CV brief, concise and highly relevant, by only including information applicable to the job you are applying for.

What certifications should I include in my yacht crew CV?

Generally, you should include certificates related to your maritime knowledge/experience such as boat handling/sailing, first aid, and safety awareness.

Should I include references in my yacht crew CV?

Yes, including a professional reference in your yacht crew CV is essential. Choose somebody who can profile and vouch for your skills and capabilities in a positive light.

What elements should I include in my summary statement?

Your summary statement should be said in 2-3 sentences, and include your years of experience, certifications, strengths, responsibilities, hobbies and any awards you have achieved.

What should I include as my professional image?

Your professional image should be a professional photograph of yourself, dressed appropriately in smart attire, with a neutral background.

Final Words

Writing a yacht crew CV can be a daunting task, but with careful thought and preparation, you can ensure that yours stands out and wins you the job. Quality and accuracy rarely goes unnoticed. By carefully outlining your experience, certifications, strengths, references and professional image, you can significantly increase the chances of finding your dream job.