Writing a VP of Marketing resume is no easy feat. It requires a combination of marketing knowledge and experience, along with a good understanding of the company you are applying to. A well-crafted resume is essential for any VP of Marketing position, as it will be scrutinized by any potential employers. Through proper formatting, showcase the value you can bring to the VP of Marketing position. This guide will help you construct a resume that is tailored to the VP of Marketing position and won’t be cast aside by potential employers.

Formatting Your VP of Marketing Resume

Before you begin writing your resume, it’s essential to understand the basics of how to format it. With a VP of Marketing role, the goal is to showcase your experience and provide a sense of your capabilities for the job. Here are some formatting tips for writing a VP of Marketing resume:

Highlight Relevant Experience

When crafting your resume, be sure to highlight any relevant experience that demonstrates your marketing savvy. Showcase any past experiences where you have enabled a company to drive sales or secure marketing awards. Moreover, list any certifications or awards you may have received that demonstrate your marketing acumen.

Focus on Your Technology & Strategic Skills

In addition to highlighting relevant experience, make sure to showcase your aptitude in handling the technology aspects of marketing. Showcase any experience you may have with digital analytics, SEO and website design. Furthermore, make sure to demonstrate your capabilities to come up with comprehensive marketing strategies.

Use Clear Headings

As you’re listing your past experiences and formatted your resume, make sure to use distinct headings to help keep information organized. This way, any potential employer reviewing your resume will easily be able to pinpoint the content they are looking for.

Consider Personalizing Your Resume

Although there is a standard format that’s recommended for resume writing, you may consider personalizing your resume slightly to the impact of the company you are applying for. This can help make your resume more appealing to a potential employer.

Use Bullet Points

Rather than listing out all of your experiences, use bullet points to concisely and effectively translate the magnitude of your experience at each position. Not only does it make the resume easier to digest, but also helps to make it seem more structured.

People Also Ask:

What should a VP of Marketing include in their resume?

When crafting a VP of Marketing resume, it’s essential to focus on the the needs of the position you’re applying to. Make sure to showcase relevant experiences that demonstrate your marketing acumen and capabilities. Highlight your technology and strategic skills, such as experience with website design, market research and suggestions for marketing campaigns.

Should a VP of Marketing include their GPA on their resume?

GPA’s are typically not included on a VP of Marketing resume. Instead, focus on highlighting any certifications, awards and relevant experiences you have that demonstrate your marketing experience.

What qualifications should I include for a VP of Marketing?

Qualifications for a VP of Marketing position should include a degree in marketing or a related field, an extensive knowledge of the marketing industry, experience with SEO, website design and analytics. Additionally, any certifications and awards in marketing should be highlighted.

How should I present my VP of Marketing resume?

When presenting a VP of Marketing resume, it’s important to strike a balance between professionalism and personality. Be sure to use distinct headings and to use bullet points to make your resume easier to consume. Consider personalizing it to the company’s mission and values if it suits your experiences.


Creating a tailored VP of Marketing resume is essential for any applicant looking for a position. It’s important to provide a sense of your marketing acumen and experience, as well as showcase your aptitude in areas such as analytics, website design and strategic planning. Moreover, be sure to tailor your resume to the company and its values and use distinctions headings and bullet points to make it more digestible. By following these steps, your resume should be sure to shine the light on your experiences and elevate the chances of a callback.