Writing a great resume is an important skill in any job search, and even more so when seeking a rewarding volunteer coordinator position. To create an effective resume, start by providing an informative summary of your career and accomplishments, then complete your document by highlighting your specialities, relevant experience, and key skills. Combining your knowledge of industry trends and trends in resume writing can help you to present a winning resume that stands out from the competition!

1. Learn About the Position

Read Up on the Job Description

Make sure your resume is tailored to the particular job of a volunteer coordinator. Read up on the job description to gain an understanding of the key language, duties, and responsibilities related to the job. Understanding the relative importance of each responsibility will also help you tailor your resume to this particular open position.

Research the Company You’re Applying For

It’s important to include keywords that reflect the organization for which you are applying. Research the organization’s mission and values, look for recent news articles about the organization and include words that match the qualities and values of the organization in your resume.

2. Identify Your Skills

Soft Skills

Demonstrate skills such as communication, problem solving, relationship building, critical thinking, multitasking, and organization are essential for a successful volunteer coordinator. Consider volunteering in the past and any activities or employment that required these skills. Describe these skills with concrete examples.

Technical Skills

A volunteer coordinator needs to be able to build relationships with potential and current volunteers, coordinate volunteer events, and promote volunteer opportunities. They may need to be familiar with database tools, event planning tools, and account management systems. List technical skill competency related to volunteer management on your resume.

3. Craft Your Summary Statement

A powerful summary statement is an effective way to draw recruiters in and make them interested in the rest of your resume. Keep the statement short, comprehensive, and tailored to the job. Include specific skills or expertise to demonstrate the value you can bring to the company. Be sure to include words from the job description that is related to the volunteer coordinator position.

4. Write Your Work Experience Section

Draft a Clear Description for Each Role

Create an organized list of job experiences on your resume. Describe each role in a clear, concise manner. Include a few bullet points that highlight key responsibilities and achievements of each role.

Identify Quantifiable Metrics

Include metrics to quantify your achievements such as success stories, volunteer recruitment numbers, or the number of volunteers managed. This will give employers a clear view of your performance. Start each bullet point with a verb to emphasize action.

5. Highlight Your Achievements

Extracurricular Establishments

List any volunteer activities, extracurriculars, charitable donations, or any other relevant experiences outside of your job. Employers will recognize these generous activities as demonstration of your commitment to the community and your passion for volunteering.


Include the name of your degree, the institution name, and any certifications or accreditation you may have earned to demonstrate your qualifications.

6. Include Your References

Create a separate section at the end of your resume to list references. Ask previous employers, colleagues, professors, and volunteer coordinators for references and submit their contact information in this section.

7. Proofread Your Resume

Read your resume out loud to catch minor mistakes before sending it off. Make sure that you have clearly and concisely conveyed your most relevant information and qualifications for the job. Utilize spellcheck, free editing programs, and other resources to review your resume before submitting it. Have someone else read your resume for a different perspective.

People Also Ask Questions

What is a volunteer coordinator?

A volunteer coordinator is a role that focuses on recruiting, engaging, motivating, and retaining volunteers. It requires excellent organizational, communication, and project management skills.

What should I include in my volunteer coordinator resume?

Include a summary statement, work experience, achievements, education, extracurriculars, and references.

What skills should I include in a volunteer coordinator resume?

Include skills such as communication, problem solving, relationship building, critical thinking, multitasking, and organization. Technical skills related to volunteer management and database tools should also be included.

Should I include hobbies and interests in my volunteer coordinator resume?

Yes, if the hobbies and interests are relevant to the job and show your skills or qualifications.

Do volunteer coordinator roles require previous experience?

Previous experience is not always required, however, many organizations prefer candidates who have experience in volunteerism, community involvement, or other related fields.


Volunteer coordinator roles have many aspects, and the job enthusiasm for volunteerism should come through in your resume. Make sure to include the most relevant skills, experiences and accomplishments to ensure a successful job search. With an optimized resume and the help of a few job search tips, you can be on your way to a dream job in no time!