Applying for a tutoring job requires a great deal of accuracy and effort. A well-crafted cover letter will stand out from the competition and show the reader that you are the ideal candidate for the position. Writing a tutoring cover letter can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, you’ll learn the essential do’s and don’ts for crafting the perfect cover letter, plus get some handy tips for bettering your chances of being called in for an interview.

Things to Include in a Tutoring Cover Letter

Introduce Yourself

The first paragraph of your tutoring cover letter should introduce yourself and explain why you’re the right fit for the job. Make sure to include your skills, experience, and passion that make you suitable for the position. Clearly state why you are confident you can fulfill the tutoring responsibilities.

Education and Qualifications

In the second paragraph, focus on your education and qualifications. Highlight any relevant college degrees or certifications, as well as your experience teaching or tutoring. Elaborate on your ability to pass knowledge on to students in an engaging, organized, and efficient manner.

Previous Tutoring Experience

If you have previous tutoring experience, discuss this in detail. If it’s applicable to the position, cite other skills you acquired from the job that could make you especially suited to the tutoring position.

Areas of Expertise

In the next paragraph, explain any areas of expertise you may have. It could be a specific subject, such as math or science, or something related to teaching, such as classroom management or student assessments.

Personal Analysis

In the fourth paragraph, explain why you’re the perfect fit for this job. Be sure to include your enthusiasm for the position and any outside-the-box skills or knowledge you have that could give you an edge over other candidates.


In the final paragraph, provide references from previous employers, if applicable. If not, include references from colleagues or anyone else who can vouch for the work you have done in the past.

Questions People Also Ask

How long should a tutoring cover letter be?

A tutoring cover letter should be no more than one page with 3 – 4 brief paragraphs.

What should I write in my cover letter?

Your tutoring cover letter should include your qualifications, tutoring experience, skills, any related experience, and why you’re the best candidate for the job.

What can I do to make my cover letter stand out?

Highlight what makes you unique in regards to the job position. If you have any special awards, interests, or experiences that set you apart from other candidates, be sure to include them in the letter.

How should I end my cover letter?

Your cover letter should end with a strong call to action. Ask the reader to contact you for an interview or to view your portfolio.

Should I include references in my cover letter?

You can include references in your cover letter if they are relevant to the position you are applying for. Providing references that can vouch for your qualifications and demonstrate your commitment to the job is a great way to convince the reader that you are the right candidate.

Final Words

Writing a tutoring cover letter is a great way to stand out from the competition and show the reader that you are the ideal candidate for the job. To write the perfect tutoring cover letter, make sure to start by introducing yourself and stating why you’re the right fit, follow up with an explanation of your qualifications and experience, and end with a strong call to action. Including references from previous employers or colleagues can also add to the effectiveness of your cover letter. Put in the effort to craft the perfect tutoring cover letter and you’ll drastically increase your chances of getting called in for an interview.