Are you a technical writer looking for a great resume to land your dream job? Writing a technical writer resume that stands out is crucial for success in your career. A well crafted resume will show employers what makes you unique, highlight your skills and abilities, and convince them why you deserve to be part of their team. This guide is here to show you how to write a technical writer resume that checks all the boxes!

Main Headlines

1. Understand What a Technical Writing Position Entails

Writing for a technical audience requires excellent communication and technical skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of the industry. Technical writers draft, edit and review documents, such as user tutorials, product catalogs and white papers. As such, they need to have knowledge of the products they are describing, as well as of industry regulations and practices.

2. Choose the Right Format for Your Resume

When writing your resume, make sure it is clear, concise and professional in order to make the best impression. Consider the importance of the job you are applying for and select a format that best defines your expertise. A chronological format is suitable for most roles, but a combination format, which highlights skills and experience, is often used to accentuate technical writing skills in particular.

3. Summarize Your Relevant Skills and Qualifications

In the summary section of your technical writer resume, list your technical writing experience and include specific keywords that are related to technical writing. Use relevant adjectives such as “skilled”, “detail-oriented”, “organized”, “confident” and “knowledgeable”, to describe yourself and your work. Highlight any special qualifications and certifications (such as language proficiency) that would be beneficial for the role.

4. Tailor Your Work Experience to the Job

Incorporate specific details from your current and previous roles that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Explain the processes you used to create technical content and discuss the results that you achieved. Detail any specialized software and other tools you used, and explain how you used them to improve efficiency. Make sure you highlight any collaboration you were involved in and how you contributed to successful outcomes.

5. Include Other Relevant Experience

If you have other experience that is relevant to the role of a technical writer, such as research, writing or presentation experience, make sure to include it in your resume. Explain the type of research you did, discuss the topics you wrote about, and detail the presentations you gave. Showcase your versatility and communicate how your non-technical writing experience can help you in a technical setting.

6. Emphasize Your Soft Skills

The ability to effectively communicate ideas using plain language is extremely important for technical writers. Be sure to emphasize your interpersonal and communication abilities in your resume, such as your ability to listen actively and adapt your writing to the reader’s level of understanding. Also, mention any work you’ve done in customer service, project management or transferable skills such as content marketing, copywriting and blogging.

7. Focus on Your Technical Skills

In the technical skills section of your resume, outline the various programming languages, web publishing tools, and other software that you are familiar with. Describe the ways in which you’ve used the software and explain the projects in which you used them. Include any specializations you may have, such as ongoing education courses or training.

8. Add a Showcase Section

Include a showcase section to demonstrate your technical writing ability. Provide concrete examples of your writing along with an explanation of what you achieved when you completed them. Mention any awards you have won and any publications you have written. Include any links that showcase your work, such as an online portfolio or blog.

9. Utilize Keywords and Editing Techniques

Choose relevant keywords for each section and make sure the language you use matches the language used in the job description and other application materials. Use a spell checker and proofreader to ensure that your resume is free from errors and use a formatting tool to ensure it is well organized.

10. Check for Consistency

Check your resume for consistency in tense, theme and formatting. Finalize it and make sure it is free from any errors. Check that you have used formatting that is consistent throughout the document, such as font size, line spacing, color, etc. Once you have checked your resume, add a cover letter and send it off!

People Also Ask Questions

Q: What qualifications should I list in my technical writer resume?

Include sections on your technical skills, special qualifications and certifications, and organizational and interpersonal skills.

Q: What sections should I include in my technical writer resume?

Your technical writer resume should include sections summarizing your relevant skills, work experience, other relevant experience, soft skills, and technical skills. Include a showcase section to demonstrate your technical writing abilities.

Q: How can I make my technical writer resume stand out?

Highlight unique skills and experiences, demonstrate versatility in both technical and non-technical writing, be thorough with keyword selection and use formatting tools to ensure your resume is well organized.

Q: What should I put in the summary section of my technical writer resume?

In the summary section, list your technical writing experience and include relevant keywords. Use adjectives to describe yourself and your work, and highlight any special qualifications and certifications.

Q: How do I highlight my achievements in my technical writer resume?

When discussing your work experience, be sure to include specific details about the processes you used, the results you achieved and any special software and tools you used. Provide concrete examples in the showcase section of your resume to demonstrate your technical writing abilities.


Writing a great technical writer resume is essential to succeeding in your job search. This guide detailed the key elements of a strong technical writer resume, including understanding the position’s scope, choosing the right format, highlighting relevant skills and experiences, emphasizing soft skills, and utilizing keywords and editing techniques. With this guide, you will be able to craft a professional and effective technical writer resume that will help take your career to the next level.