Writing a resume is essential for any social work intern who wants to enter this vibrant field of work and make a difference in the lives of others. Crafting a standout resume reflects your passion for social work and will shine through to potential employers. It will take time and effort to compose a stellar resume, but with a few simple tips and guidelines, it can be an manageable undertaking. This article will cover all that any aspiring social work intern needs to know in order to create a winning resume.


1. Introduction

2. Elements of a Successful Resume

3. How To Format Your Resume

4. Getting Your Resume Noticed

5. What To Include in Your Resume

6. Proofread and Edit

7. Write a Cover Letter

8. Prepare For Interviews

9. Make Your Resume Shine

10. Final Words

2. Elements of a Successful Resume

Writing a resume is the most important step for any job seeker. It is the first thing a potential employer will read about you and the key to making a good first impression and getting them excited to meet with you. The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate your professional growths, your educational experience, and your skills. A successful social work intern resume should include these key elements:

A Professional Summary

When crafting your professional summary, you should be concise and focus on specific achievements, explaining how they are relevant to the job you are applying for. You can elaborate on your prior experience, research projects, and any awards you have received if applicable.


Be sure to include both your current and past educational experiences, such as any academic degrees or certificates. Even if your academic background is not pertinent to the job, it still shows your commitment and dedication to learn and grow in your field.


In addition to your academic background, employers are also keenly interested in a prospective social work intern’s work experience. Include details about your past internships, volunteer work, and relevant projects you have worked on. For each experience, discuss what you did, the duration, and the outcome.

Soft and Technical Skills

Your resume should include the skills and abilities you have that make you the perfect candidate for the job. Alongside specific soft skills such as organization, communication and problem-solving, be sure to include any technical skills you have, such as any knowledge of software programs or experience with databases.

People Also Ask

What should I include in a social work intern resume?

Include a professional summary, details of your academic background, experience, soft and technical skills, and any other relevant information that shows you are the ideal candidate for the job.

What should the format of a social work intern resume look like?

The format of a social work intern resume should be neat and professional. Use a simple font, use clear headings, and ensure that it is organized and easy to read.

How should I describe my experience in a social work intern resume?

Focus on accomplishments rather than duties. Discuss what you did, the duration, and the outcome for each experience. Explain how you have grown and learned from each experience and how it has prepared you for this role.

How do I make my resume stand out?

Make sure your resume is clearly laid out, highlight your skills and accomplishments, quantify your experiences, include relevant keywords, proofread your resume, and consider having a professional review your resume.

How do I prepare for a social work intern interview?

Research the company, practice responses to common questions, rehearse important stories of past successes, prepare relevant questions to ask, be enthusiastic, and make sure to have plenty of copies of your resume.


Writing a successful Social Work Intern resume takes some time and dedication. Ensure it includes the necessary elements and portrays you in the best light. Understand the requirements of the job and what they are looking for in a successful Social Work Intern. Think of creative ways to highlight your most impressive skills and past experiences. Finally, proofread and edit the resume and be sure to include an impressive cover letter. Being prepared, knowledgeable, and organized will help you secure the position.