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Do you want to land your dream job as a Shipping Manager? If so, your resume should reflect the skills and experience required to successfully perform the job. To stand out from other applicants, follow these tips to make your resume shine.

1. Begin your resume with a professional summary

Beginning your resume with a well-crafted professional summary is key to eventually receiving an interview request. Including your experience, qualifications and goals in the summary allows the hiring manager to quickly determine if you fit their needs. Additionally, make sure it is relevant and conveys your unique value proposition.

Create a resume objective to target a particular job

A resume objective is more specific and tailored for a single job. It is a concise statement expressing what kind of position you are looking for. Create one if you are targeting a specific job and make sure to include the job title in the objective.

Include key skills and qualifications in the body of your resume

To stand out, make note of the key skills and qualifications listed in the job posting and make sure to include them in the body of your resume. This will display that you are well-suited for the role. Similarly, if you have any certifications or awards, include these too.

Be sure to include relevant work experience

A resume should always include any relevant work experience from the past. When list this experience, make sure to include any skills and duties you have learned, as well as any challenges you have overcome. Additionally, if you have worked in similar roles, list them as well.

Mention any relevant education or courses taken

A shipping manager should have some level of education. On your resume, list any degrees you hold and any relevant courses taken. Also include any leadership positions you held or any awards you received during your education.

Display relevant software and computer skills

Most shipping managers will use certain programs and software during their job. Show that you have the necessary skills by detailing any relevant software and computer skills on your resume.

Highlight achievements and awards

When writing a resume, listing your achievements and awards is an effective way to highlight your success. If you have any awards related to shipping, make sure to include them.

Include additional details on your resume

Finally, you may opt to include a few small details about your personal interests and hobbies. Keep the information relevant and professional to strengthen your application.

People Also Ask?

What should I include on my shipping manager resume?

Your resume should include a professional summary, relevant work experience, relevant education/courses, key skills, software and computer skills, achievements, and awards.

What format should I use for my resume?

If you are not sure which format to use, try using a combination of chronological and functional formats. Chronological resumes focus on your job titiles and duties, and functional resumes emphasize the skills you acquired in those positions.

How long should a shipping manager resume be?

Ideally, your resume should only be one to two pages. Keep it concise by focusing on only the most relevant information.

Should I list my references on my resume?

No, it is not necessary to include your references on your resume. You should have them readily available if requested by the potential employer.

What should I avoid when writing a shipping manager resume?

You should avoid focusing too much on one task or job, including a generic objective, embellishing the truth, and forgetting to proofread and edit.

Final Words

Writing a resume for a shipping manager position is not overly difficult, as long as you include all the necessary information and keep it concise and relevant. Remember to include a well-crafted professional summary, relevant work experience, relevant education/courses, key skills and achievements, and avoid embellishing the truth or using a generic objective. Good luck!