Looking to apply as a server in a restaurant? Writing a cover letter can be an intimidating task even for the most experienced job seekers. But there are some key steps to follow when crafting a strong server cover letter. From breaking down the structure of the letter to including pertinent details, here are 7 steps to writing your perfect server cover letter.

Steps to Writing a Server Cover Letter

Create An Outline

A great first step when writing your server cover letter is to create a basic outline that will serve as a framework for the document. Begin with a header that will include your contact information as well as the contact details of the restaurant. The body of the letter should include an introduction, a few main points that explain why you are the ideal choice for the job, and a conclusion.

Be Concise and Clear

A server cover letter should be kept short- preferably two concise paragraphs or less. You should make sure to make use of crisp language and keep the message clear and concise. Avoid using passive or overly complex phrases, as this could make the letter difficult to read and less effective.

Find the Perfect Tone

Your cover letter should read with enthusiasm and confidence, without sounding arrogant or careless. You want to make sure the employer sees that you are professional, friendly, and eager to use your skills in the service industry. Make sure to create an inviting and engaging atmosphere for the reader.

Highlight Qualifications

The main purpose of a server cover letter is to draw attention to the qualifications you possess that make you the ideal candidate for a server position. Be sure to encourage the employer to take a closer look at your resume, and highlight any relevant qualifications, certifications, or education that would make you a good fit.

Show Off Your Soft Skills

Empathy and strong customer service skills go a long way in the restaurant service industry. Demonstrate your interpersonal knowledge and communication skills that make you the ideal server. Emphasize your ability to work well with a team and ability to handle difficult customer service situations.

Make Use of Keywords

Incorporating relevant keywords in your cover letter can help draw attention to your document and impress the employer. Utilize language that is tied to the job description, like “experienced server” or “eye for detail” to demonstrate your knowledge and qualifications.

Proofread and Edit

Proofreading is key when submitting a document as important as a server cover letter. Mistakes, typos, and incorrect grammar can be very off-putting for a potential employer. Take the time to read through your cover letter multiple times for any errors or necessary edits.

Include Your Contact Information

When writing a cover letter, it’s important to make sure to include your contact information at the end of the document. This way, the employer will have all of your relevant details and can reach out to schedule an interview with ease.

People also Ask

What Should I Include in My Cover Letter?

Your server cover letter should include a header with contact information, an introduction, main points that explain why you are a good fit for the position, a conclusion, and your contact information.

What Qualities Should I Highlight in My Letter?

Highlight any relevant qualifications, certifications, or education in your letter, as well as your soft skills such as empathy and communication. Show off your people skills and ability to work well in a team.

Should I Include Work Experience?

Include any relevant work experience or working history in your cover letter. Describe any tasks or projects you have worked on that are related to the position you are applying for.

Should I Reach Out for Follow Up?

It is always good etiquette to reach out after submitting your server cover letter for follow up. This can help show the employer that you’re eager and it’s also a chance for you to find out with any questions the employer has about your application.

What Should Be the Final Step After Submitting a Cover Letter?

The final step after submitting your server cover letter should be to follow up with the employer. Sending a brief email or making a phone call after submitting your application is a great way to keep your application top of mind.


Writing a strong server cover letter can help you stand out from other applicants. Follow the seven steps outlined above to ensure that your letter is professional, engaging, and effective. Remember to make use of keywords, adhere to the proper structure, highlight your qualifications, and follow up after submitting. Good luck!