Writing the perfect secretary resume objective can seem daunting, but it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first. A well-crafted resume objective will set the tone for your entire application and can help recruiters understand what you have to offer their organization. Read on to learn how to write a powerful resume objective that will make a great first impression.

1. Understand Your Audience

Understanding who you’re writing for is essential to crafting an effective resume objective for a position as a secretary. Think about what hiring managers are looking for and craft your resume objective to match that. In a secretary position, hiring managers are looking for a candidate with strong organizational abilities and strong interpersonal skills. Focus on the qualities that make you well-suited to the job you’re applying for.

Highlight Your Qualifications

While it’s important to show that you have the necessary qualifications to do the job, ensure that your objective adds value to your application. Highlight the qualifications that make you stand out. Are you particularly adept at scheduling appointments? Have you worked in a related role before? Are you proficient in one of the office software programs? Make sure to mention any special skills you have that could be useful for the role.

Show Your Passion

When writing your resume objective for a secretary position, show that you’re passionate about these types of roles. Demonstrate your ambition and your enthusiasm for the job. Convey that you’re willing to go above and beyond for the organization and make a positive difference to their team.

2. Choose the Right Format

When writing an effective resume objective for a secretary role, format is important to consider. An ATS (applicant tracking system) may be used by employers to manage the recruiting process. The ATS are designed to scan through applications quickly and are most effective with simple filing systems. Make sure to use a simple format, such as bullet points, that will be easy for the ATS to pick up.

Be Concise

When writing a great resume objective, remember to be concise. Keep it to one or two sentences in length, and focus on being to the point. Avoid overly flowery language and focus on brevity. The best objectives are simple, concise, and clear yet still engaging.

Avoid Clichés

When writing your resume objective, avoid empty phrases and clichés such as “hardworking” and “results-oriented”. Instead of relying on clichés, focus on providing specific examples of your skills and achievements. Talk about how you handled specific tasks in the past, and how you solved problems or carried out projects successfully.

3. Finalize Your Resume Objective

Take some time to review and refine your resume objective. After you’ve made sure it covers all the essential points and the key words for the job you’re applying for, run a spelling and grammar check. Take a step back from your application and read it with a critical eye. Ask yourself, does this resume objective accurately portray my capabilities?

Include Quantifiable Results

Include quantifiable results when possible, as this will make your resume objective stand out from the crowd. If you have achieved positive results in the past, such as improved efficiency or cost savings, mention this to further demonstrate your value.

Tailor Your Objective

Make sure to tailor your resume objective to the particular job you’re applying for. If it looks too generic or unspecific, it can leave a bad impression. Use the job description to your advantage and ensure that you highlight the skills and experience that are relevant to the role in question.

People Also Ask

How Do I Make My Secretary Resume Stand Out?

To make your secretary resume stand out from the competition, highlight your achievements and quantify your results when possible. Include specific details about your skills and experience that are relevant to the role and customize your objective for each position.

What Should I Include in My Secretary Resume Objective?

In your secretary resume objective, you should include information about your qualifications, experience and personal qualities relevant to the role. Talk about how you solved problems or managed projects in the past, and how you can make a positive impact in the organization you’re applying for.

What Are the Key Responsibilities of a Secretary?

The key responsibilities of a secretary vary by organization, but typically include providing administrative support, maintaining filing systems, scheduling meetings and appointments, writing correspondence, preparing reports, and completing other office duties.

What Skills Should I Include in My Secretary Resume Objective?

When crafting your secretary resume objective, highlight skills such as excellent written and verbal communication, organizational competence, the ability to handle multiple tasks, proficiency in office software and interpersonal skills.


Writing a great resume objective is essential for your secretary application to be successful. Make sure your resume objective properly highlights your experience and skills, as well as your enthusiasm for the position. With the right resume objective, you can make a great impression and get one step closer to securing your dream job.