Having an effective resume is critical when you are looking to get hired in the school psychology field. With a winning resume, you will be steps ahead of the competition, in catching the attention of potential employers and positions you wish to take on. To help you craft the perfect school psychology resume, here is a brief guide on how to get started.

1. Use a Professional Format

When creating your school psychology resume, always keep it professional. Start by using a standard resume template – clean and simple. Include fields such as “Objective”, “Education”, “Work Experience” and “Certifications”. Ensure to arrange your entries in chronological order so that your potential employers know where you stand in terms of your professional journey.

Choose the Right Font

Select a font type that is readable and looks professional. When it comes to font size, stick with something between 10 and 12 points. Also, remember to keep your resume clean and clutter-free – use only one font throughout the entire document.

Include Your Contact Details

Putting your contact information at the very top of your resume allows potential employers to be able to reach out to you. This should include your phone number, address, email address and any other contact information they may need.

2. Showcase Your Qualifications

Highlight your awards, recognition and any educational certificates that you may have gained in the school psychology field. Include how you were recognised for your works, what achievements you have reaped, and how you have contributed to the field.

Mention Experience Relevant to the Role

Write about the experiences that you have which may be pertinent to the role you are applying for in school psychology. These can include your volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, any work experience you have had in a related field, etc.

Demonstrating to employers how your experience and skills relate to their job description will show them why you are the perfect fit for their openings.

Prove Your Competencies

List out your accomplishments in the school psychology field such as research studies, leadership positions, and educational presentations that you may have done. Gather evidence such as documents, pictures and statistics that can show your potential employers how competent you are in this field.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Include keywords relevant to the school psychology field in your resume – terms such as “cognitive assessment”, “school-based therapy”, and “functional behavior assessments”. This will raise the chances of your resume being found during keyword searches.

Personalising your resume is also key in catching potential employers’ attention. Include a short paragraph of your relevant expertise, or mention the reasons behind your eagerness to join the field to make your resume stand out.

4. Edit Before Submitting

Look back on your resume with a sharp eye before sending it out. Proofread it to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, as well as to check if your resume follows the correct format. A resume full of errors can be a huge put off for potential employers, so make sure you look it over several times before submitting it.

People Also Ask

What are the important qualities for school psychology?

School psychologists need to be patient, supportive, organized, and strong communicators who are skilled in problem-solving and data-oriented.

What skills should I highlight in my school psychology resume?

Highlight your qualifications in the school psychology field, such as any awards, recognition or educational certificates you have gained in the field. Also, list out your experiences and accomplishments related to school psychology.

Can I include volunteer experience in my school psychology resume?

Yes, you can include volunteer experience in your school psychology resume. Employers will recognize your willingness to contribute to the field beyond a paid position.

What should I avoid when writing my school psychology resume?

Avoid making any spelling or grammar mistakes in your school psychology resume. Also, don’t add any negative information or information irrelevant to the position.

How long should my school psychology resume be?

Your school psychology resume should not exceed two pages in length. Make sure to give only the relevant information needed and remove additional information that is no longer necessary.


Writing an effective school psychology resume is key when applying in this field. Start by using a professional format, and demonstrate your experience, qualifications, and accomplishments in the field. Also, add your contact details at the top of the resume, and include keywords relevant to the position. Finally, edit before submitting to ensure your resume is free of errors. With this brief guide, you are now ready to craft your perfect school psychology resume.