Writing a salesperson resume can seem like a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the field and don’t know where to start. The truth is, creating a successful salesperson resume is much easier than it looks. In order to make sure your resume is well-written, concise and attractive to potential employers, it’s important to consider a few key factors. In this article, we will offer tips and strategies on how to write a successful salesperson resume.

1. Start with a Clear and Concise Summary

A great resume summary should short and to the point, and summarize your skills, experience, and qualifications. Make sure to list your pertinent abilities, like public speaking, customer service skills, and your ability to negotiate. A well-crafted summary can make the difference between an employer considering you for the position or passing you over.

A. Create a Powerful Accomplishment-Oriented Summary

When creating your summary, make sure to highlight any accomplishments and successes you have had in previous roles. Think about times when you achieved sales goals, exceeded performance expectations, or took on additional projects. Even if the role wasn’t directly related to sales, any successful professional experience should be included.

B. Focus on Your Unique Qualities

The summary should also include any unique qualities that set you apart from other applicants. List any certifications, advanced degrees, or special skills that demonstrate your ability to be a successful salesperson. Make sure to include anything that will make you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

C. Keep It Concise and Professional

When writing your summary, make sure to keep it brief and to the point. Two or three succinct sentences should typically be sufficient. Aim for a professional tone that highlights your skill set and accomplishments without appearing overly casual or boasting.

2. Highlight Your Educational History

Including your education history on your resume is an important part of exhibiting your qualifications. For a salesperson role, make sure to list any relevant degrees, certifications, or trainings that demonstrate your skill level and commitment to the field. Additionally, you should include any ongoing education or development involvement that can show you are interested in staying abreast of industry best practices.

A. List Relevant Degrees and Certifications

When it comes to any applicable degrees and certifications, it’s important to make sure they get the attention they deserve. List any diplomas, degrees, or certifications earned, including college and postgraduate study as well as continuing education activities for the six months preceding your job search. Including the name of college or universities is highly encouraged.

B. Include Details About Personal Development

Many employers value seeing that you are taking initiative and engaging in activities that promote personal development. List any classes, seminars, or workshops related to sales or sales-related skills that you have taken. This could include courses related to public speaking, customer service, presentation skills, or social selling.

C. Show Off Your Languages

If you are proficient in any languages, make sure to add that information as well. This can give you a competitive edge if you are in a field where working with customers around the world is included in the job description.

3. Detail Your Relevant Professional Experience

Including your relevant professional experience is essential for any salesperson resume. Make sure to list any positions you have held in the field, whether that is in sales, customer service, or any other related role. Avoid listing any experience that does not demonstrate your abilities as a salesperson.

A. List Your Professional Experience

Include the name of the company or organization, the position you held, your responsibilities, and any accomplishments you achieved in each role. Also, include the dates you held the position and your location and supervisor for each role. Having a record of previous professional experience will allow employers to get a clear idea of your skills and abilities.

B. Emphasize Any Sales Achievements

Make sure to highlight any sales achievements you have achieved in previous roles. This includes detailing any milestones you have exceeded or any awards or recognition you have earned. Big wins can be an invaluable way to demonstrate your success as a salesperson and are a great way to stand out to potential employers.

C. Show Off Your Related Experience

If you have any experience that is related to sales but not directly related, make sure to include it. Fore example, if you have held customer service positions, include that information. This will let employers know that you have the skills and experience necessary to handle customer relations, which is a part of many sales jobs.

4. Include Soft Skills and Endorsements

Soft skills are also an important factor for a successful salesperson resume. Highlight any abililties or talents that demonstrate your strength in working with customers and prospects, such as customer service skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, time management skills, and negotiation skills. Additionally, include any endorsements from current or past employers or colleagues that reflect your strengths in sales.

A. Showcase Your Soft Skills

When it comes to soft skills, make sure to highlight the abilities you possess that go beyond the experience listed on your resume. Highlight any customer service skills you may have, your ability to stay organized, and your success in closing deals or exceeding performance expectations.

B. Include Endorsements

If you have endorsements from past employers or colleagues, make sure to include them on your resume. These are a great way to show potential employers how your peers view your skills, which can give you an edge over the competition.

C. List Awards and Recognition

If you have won any awards or been recognized for your success in sales, include that information on your resume as well. This can demonstrate your commitment to the field and your dedication to success.

5. Optimize Your Resume Format

The format of your resume is also an important factor to consider when writing a successful salesperson resume. Make sure your resume is well organized, easy to read, and flows well. Additionally, optimize the file for any potential Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to ensure your resume will be seen by employers.

A. Adopt a Clean and Easy-to-Read Format

When creating your resume, make sure to use a professional, modern font and keep the design and layout simple. Additionally, adopt a clear headings structure, make sure to break up long blocks of text into shorter paragraphs, and avoid using long sentences. This will make your resume easier for employers to read and will help you stand out from the crowd.

B. Tweak Your Employment History Entries

In order to optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), make sure each employment history entry includes the name of the organization, your position, and any key achievements or successes. Additionally, make sure to include keywords specific to the sales field throughout your resume to better match it with potential employers.

6. Add Any Extracurricular Activities

Adding any extracurricular activities to your resume is also a great way to show potential employers that you are well-rounded and committed to your professional development. You can include any volunteer work, leadership activities, community involvement, or hobbies. Make sure to include anything that shows you are actively engaging with the world outside of your job.

A. Highlight Your Leadership Experience

Include any experience with leading a team or managing projects can demonstrate valuable leadership ability and also show how well you can work with others. Detail any position of authority you may have held as well as any successes you had in those roles. Showing your aptitude and commitment to leadership can be an invaluable boon when applying for any sales positions.

B. List Any Relevant Hobbies and Interests

Including any relevant hobbies or interests on your resume is a great way to show employers that you are an engaged, well-rounded person. If you have experience with sales-related hobbies and activities, such as public speaking, make sure to add that information. Additionally, list any certifications or awards you may have earned in any of your activities.

7. Double Check for Grammar and Spelling Errors

No matter how good the content of your resume is, if it is filled with typos and grammar errors your chances of being successful are slim. Before submitting your resume, make sure to thoroughly read through it and double check for any errors. You can also have someone else review it or use a spellchecker to make sure everything reads clearly and correctly.

People Also Ask Questions

Q: How important is a salesperson resume?

A salesperson resume is important because it is the first thing potential employers will see. It should be well-crafted, concise, and showcase your skills and experience in a professional manner.

Q: What should be included in a salesperson resume?

A salesperson resume should include a clear and concise summary, details about your educational background, pertinent professional experience, soft skills, endorsements, and extracurricular activities.

Q: What should be avoided on a salesperson resume?

When creating a salesperson resume, it’s important to avoid irrelevant experience, overly casual language, typos and other spelling mistakes, and redundant information.

Q: How can I make my resume stand out?

In order to make your resume stand out, you should highlight any relevant certifications, awards, and accomplishments, make sure to include any unique skills or qualities that make you a strong candidate, and optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Q: What other tips are there for writing a salesperson resume?

When writing a salesperson resume, make sure to choose a professional font and adopt a clear organizational structure, tailor your experience and summary to the job you are applying for, and use strong action verbs to emphasize your achievements.


Writing a successful salesperson resume doesn’t have to be difficult. By following our tips and strategies, you can create a resume that will stand out from the crowd and make you a strong candidate for your desired position. Make sure to emphasize any relevant experience, include a powerful summary, optimize your resume format, and double check for any errors. With a little time and effort, you can create a winning portfolio of experience that will increase your chances of success.