Making it as a makeup artist involves having an eye-catching portfolio and a well-written resume. One integral component of this resume is the objective statement, which serves to demonstrate in a succinct way how the qualifications of the applicant match the job requirements. Writing a powerful and effective resume objective as a makeup artist takes an understanding of the job and an eye for detail. Below are the steps necessary to compose a strong resume objective as a makeup artist.

1. Explain Your Intentions

Crafting the Objective

The objective statement should be kept short and concise. It is a good idea to begin with an explanation of the applicant’s intentions, such as “seeking a makeup artist role to apply creativity and knowledge of beauty trends.” This serves to clearly set the goal for the makeup artist and catches the attention of the reader.

Including Necessary Words

Because resumes tend to be scanned quickly, specific words and phrases can make a resume stand out. Makeup artists should make sure to include in their objective the terms “makeup,” “cosmetics,” “hairstyles,” “makeup trends,” and “creative cosmetology.” Any certifications should be mentioned here as well, such as “certified makeup artist.”

2. Review the Job Description

Analyzing Responsibilities

It is essential to read through the job description for the role of the makeup artist. This allows for the applicant to identify key words and phrases that express the expectations of the employer. Crucially, a makeup artist should mention in their objective any criteria from the job description that specifically applies to them, such as “utilizing 10 years of professional makeup experience” or “meticulous organizational skills.”

Citing Qualifications

A resume objective also opens the door to include specific career qualifications. An applicant might include experiences such as “creating signature looks for celebrities, magazines, and editorial sets.” Makeup artists can draw attention to certificates, awards, and other accomplishments that are relevant to the position.

3. Adjusting Tone

Applying Professionalism

It is important to be aware of tone when writing a resume, regardless of the job an applicant is applying for. As a makeup artist, the applicant should exercise a professionalism and a respect for the trade. Statements such as “focusing on the latest trends in makeup and beauty” present the reader with a sense of a hard-working and dedicated professional.

Avoiding Excesses

A resume objective should be written in the language of a professional — but there is no need to use excessive language. While words such as “exquisite” and “skilled” might be accurate, they can sound a bit flowery on a resume. A good rule of thumb is to keep the language natural yet poised.

People Also Ask

What Should a Makeup Artist Put on Their Resume?

A makeup artist’s resume should include a summary of their professional experiences and qualifications, including any awards and certificates related to the field. Education, related skills, and other accomplishments should also be included.

What Should a Makeup Artist Avoid on Their Resume?

Makeup artists should avoid exaggerating achievements on their resume, as well as including personal interests, irrelevant work history, and incorrect or outdated contact information.

How Long Should a Makeup Artist Resume Be?

A makeup artist’s resume should generally be no longer than one page, unless there is much relevant experience or credentials to include.

What Are Some Examples of a Makeup Artist Resume Objective?

Examples of good resume objectives for makeup artists include “seeking a role as a makeup artist to apply expertise in beauty trends and creative makeup techniques” and “utilizing 10+ years of experience as a makeup artist to create signature looks.”

Final Words

Writing a powerful and compelling resume objective as a makeup artist is an important step on the road to success in the field. With a clear goal, relevant qualifications, and proper language and tone, a makeup artist can craft an objective that accurately reflects their qualifications while also piquing the interest of any potential employer.