Writing a resume for a bartender position, especially with no prior experience, can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! From the right format to the perfect description of your skillset, this guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to create a resume perfect for the bartender job of your dreams.

Resume Format

Choose the Appropriate Format

The format for writing a resume should be tailored for the bartender position you’re applying for. If the bar has a modern, sleek vibe, use a modern resume format. If the bar is more old-fashioned, opt for the classic resume style. When in doubt, the clean-cut look provided by a professional resume format is usually the safest bet.

Layout Structure

Regardless of the format you use, the average resume should include sections such as your contact information, summary statement, skills and qualifications, relevant experience, and education. Make sure all your sections and subsections are in chronological order and easy to scan.


Your design should be tailored to the type of bar/restaurant you are applying to work in. If the bar or restaurant is modern or sleek, opt for a minimalist design. If the bar or restaurant is traditional or formal, opt for a more classic design. Additionally, make sure to use clear, legible fonts and use design elements sparingly.

Skills and Qualifications

Point out Relevant Skills

When writing your skills and qualifications section, make sure to highlight the skills you possess that will make you ideal for the job. Make sure to note if you have bar-tending experience, even if it’s not professional. Mention any special certifications and qualifications, such as cocktail creation and mixology.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Any skills that demonstrate your ability to interact with customers and coworkers should be included in the skills section, such as customer service, team-building, problem-solving, and communication. While it’s important to mention your technical abilities, don’t forget to discuss your ability to think on your feet and handle conflict.

Relevant Experience

Even if you don’t have professional bar-tending experience, you may still have related experience you can include on your resume. This can include customer service or related restaurant jobs. It can also be volunteer work, such as hosting events or waiting tables. Even if the experience isn’t directly related to bartending, it can still be helpful to an employer.

Summary Statement

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your summary statement should be succinct and easy to read. It should outline your key qualifications and make the reader want to keep reading. Try to sum it up in three to five sentences.

Mention Relevant Experience

Be sure to mention any relevant experience in your summary statement, such as your job history, any certifications or qualifications, and any leadership roles you may have held that could benefit you in this position.

Include Objective Information

Your summary statement should include your objective for the position. This should be tailored to the job you’re applying for, such as providing an enjoyable experience for guests, utilizing your customer service skills, or developing and honing your bartending techniques.

People Also Ask

What Skills Should I Include on My Bartender Resume?

Your bartender resume should include both your technical and soft skills, such as customer service, problem-solving, team-building, communication, cocktail creation and mixology, and any prior bar-tending experience.

What Should I Put In My Resume Summary Statement?

Your summary statement should include your key qualifications, any prior relevant experience, and your objective for the position. It should be written in three to five sentences.

Do I Have To Include an Education Section?

No, an education section isn’t necessary, especially if you have little to no bartending experience or no educational qualifications related to the bartending field.

What Should My Descriptions for Prior Experience Include?

Include brief descriptions of your prior experience and make sure to include any relevant skills you learned or any leadership roles you held.

Final Words

Creating a stand-out resume for a bartender position may be intimidating, especially with no prior experience, but it doesn’t have to be. From choosing the right format to highlighting your skillset, following this guide will help you create a resume sure to land you the bartender job of your dreams.