A great resume proves that you’re the best candidate for a job as a Quality Assurance Manager, and this can be intimidating for many professionals. But with a few simple steps, you can create an eye-catching and impactful resume that will open doors to the job you want. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or still new to the workforce, you’ll learn how to create a Quality Assurance Manager resume in five easy steps.

1. Know What to Add to a Quality Assurance Manager Resume

What to Write in Professional Summary

When crafting your professional summary, look to highlight experiences that prove your qualifications as a Quality Assurance Manager. This includes any prior managerial experience you have, plus certifications and formal education that pertains to the role. Make sure that you give a clear and relevant picture of your experience and qualifications in an easy to read, concise format.

What Technical Skills Should You Include?

Include any technical skills such as software development experience, leadership and problem-solving skills, or language proficiencies that make you a strong candidate for the Quality Assurance job. Also add other proficiencies such as communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, plus any ways you’re able to increase productivity or exceed quality assurance requirements.

What is a Good Quality Assurance Manager Objective?

When writing an objective statement on a Quality Assurance Manager resume, make it action-oriented and include advantages that you’re able to offer the company. Focus on your qualifications rather than the job itself. Examples include: “Dynamic Quality Assurance Manager with 10 years of experience drives success through collaboration and problem-solving” or “Tech-savvy Quality Assurance Manager with management and training background seeks to bring success and productivity to the company.”

2. Format and Structure the Quality Assurance Manager Resume Properly

Which Format is Best?

The best type of format for a Quality Assurance Manager resume is the chronological or combination format. This is because it enables potential employers to immediately see your most relevant skills and experience as Quality Assurance manager. The chronological format is best for candidates with a steady work history in the same field, whereas the combination format works well for those with a blend of skills from different fields.

What Should the Layout and Length of a Quality Manager Resume Look Like?

No matter which format you choose, the layout of your resume should be well structured, clear, and concise. Highlight your skills and qualifications in bullet points rather than paragraphs, and keep your listed experience limited solely to what directly pertains to being a Quality Assurance Manager. Typically, one to two pages is the most that should be included in your resume.

Which Font Should be Used?

In order to make your Quality Assurance Manager resume stand out, use a classic and professional font, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial. Stick with the same font type throughout the entire resume, and make sure the font size is large enough to make it easy to read quickly.

3. Include Quality Assurance Manager Achievements

What Are Examples of Achievements?

Including accomplishments that are relevant to Quality Assurance Manager roles shows potential employers that you’re the best candidate for the job. Examples include projects or initiatives you’ve successfully completed, cost-saving initiatives, awards or certifications you’ve won, or even customer reviews. It’s important to keep the successes brief, but make sure that you include measurable amounts or qualitative statements that back them up.

What is an Appropriate Way to Describe an Achievement?

When describing you accomplishments, make sure that you’re specific and objective. Include measurable amounts and quantitative words to capture the attention of employers. For instance, instead of saying “Improved product quality”, consider saying “Improved product quality by 10% in just three months”.

What Certifications Should You Include?

Include any certifications that make you stand out as a Quality Assurance Manager. This may include certifications on topics such as software development, agile methodology, product development, and more.

4. Make Sure Your Quality Assurance Manager Resume Is Free of Errors

How Can You Correctly Proofread Your Resume?

Proofreading your resume may be tedious, but its importance should not be overlooked. Carefully review any typos, grammar mistakes, inappropriate words, presentation mistakes, and other errors. It is best to have a family member, friend, or a trusted professional review the resume to identify any mistakes that you may have missed.

What Are Some Do’s and Don’ts in a Quality Assurance Manager Cover Letter?

When writing a cover letter, make sure you include relevant professional experiences and qualifications that pertain to the open Quality Assurance Manager role. Keep it to a single page, and customize it to the role that you’re applying for. Proofread, and then double check to ensure there are no mistakes. Also, make sure you delete or alter any pre-formatted portions that may come with the template.

5. Create a Quality Assurance Manager Resume

Where Can You Find Quality Assurance Manager Resume Templates?

There are numerous Quality Assurance resume templates available online. Look for those that have modern designs and contain a blend of structure and formal layouts. Additionally, be sure to scan any templates to double check they are virus-free.

What Safety Features Should Resume Builders Offer?

When using a resume builder, look for features that protect your privacy. A secure builder should include a verification process, making sure that only the intended employers see the resume. Additionally, ensure that the website or service does not store any personal information after the resume is uploaded.

Where Can You Upload the Resume?

Once your resume is complete and all mistakes have been corrected, upload it to any resume databases or job boards that you may use to look for Quality Assurance Manager roles. Additionally, include the resume as an attachment in any emails you send when applying for Quality Assurance Manager roles.

Final Words

Writing a Quality Assurance Manager resume can be an overwhelming process. By breaking it down into five small steps and following the tips and advice provided, the process can be made significantly easier. By the end, you’ll have a concise, professional, and impactful resume that will make employers take notice.