Writing a PA School resume is an important task that requires dedication, foresight and attention to detail. When crafting a PA School resume, it is important to make sure to include information necessary to make yourself stand out from the competition. This article provides prospective PA students with a comprehensive guide for what to include on a PA School resume, and how to effectively display it.

1.Key Elements for a PA School Resume

Include Your Contact Information

At the top of your PA School resume, include your full name, address, phone number and email address. Additionally, include any relevant credentials, like your state license number. This will ensure you appear professional and make it easy for programs to contact you.

Personal Profile or Statement

At the front of your resume, include a personalized statement that summarizes who you are and why you want to be a PA. This statement should encapsulate your interests, aspirations and experience. It should be concise, about 5-7 sentences.


Start with your highest educational credential first. List the name of the school, degree or diploma, major or degree program, and years attended. Be sure to include any relevant coursework, current and completed degrees.


Include all of your relevant professional experience in this section. This should include your title and job duties, name and location of the organization, and dates of employment. If you have held any volunteer roles, you may include those in this section as well.

Certifications and Licenses

Include any relevant certifications or licensures you have earned. These are typically obtained through an exam or completion of certain educational training or courses. List the name of the certification, purpose of the certification and the dates of issue and expiration.

Research Experience

If you have had any research experience relevant to clinical practice, include this in this section. Include the title of the study, the research team and any specifics that relate to clinical practice.


If you have been published in a journal, include this section and list each publication. Also include any presentations, abstracts or awards you have received related to publications.

Professional Affiliations

If you been a part of a professional organization, list this here. Include the name, purpose and organization. Additionally, list any leadership roles or accomplishments related to this organization.


At the end of your resume, include three professional references. Choose someone who has supervised you in the past and can speak to your professionalism and qualifications.

People Also Ask

What should a PA School resume include?

A PA School resume should include your contact information, job experience, research experience, any certifications or licensures you have earned, publications and professional affiliations.

Should I list previous healthcare experience on my PA School resume?

Yes, any previous healthcare experience should be included on your PA School resume. This can help programs get to know you better and see your professional background.

Can I list volunteer experience on my PA School resume?

Yes, volunteer experience that relates to healthcare should be included on your PA School resume. This can show programs your commitment and dedication to health professions.

Is it necessary to put my GPA on my PA School resume?

Yes, it is good practice to include your GPA on your PA School resume. This can help programs understand the level of academic rigor you had in your undergraduate school experience.

Do I need to include references on my PA School resume?

Yes, you should include 3 professional references on your PA School resume. This can help programs contact people who have previously supervised your clinical practice.

Final Words

Writing a PA School resume is an important step on your road to becoming a PA. It is important to keep in mind that your resume should be professional and display only the most relevant information about you. Following the guidelines for what to include on a PA School resume can help you get accepted into the program of your choosing.