Writing a compelling resume is essential to getting noticed and standing out among other medical students when you are trying to enter the medical field. Knowing what to include and how to present your information in the best possible manner can be intimidating and overwhelming. The key to crafting a credible medical student resume is to understand the employer’s and admissions committee’s needs and highlight your knowledge, experience and skills to satisfy them.

What to Include in Your Med Student Resume

Medical Experience and Internships

When it comes to a resume for a medical student, there are certain things that should not be left out. It is important to include any and all medical experience, internships and shadowing experiences you have had. Be sure to list the dates, the facility you served, and a brief description of your responsibilities. Doing this shows your commitment to the medical field, your understanding of medical protocols, and your knowledge of the medical system.

Education and Achievements

It is essential to include all of your medical education programs and related studies. List any degrees, certificates, conferences and other special knowledge you may have acquired from the medical field. Be sure to list any special awards you have received, any scholarships or grants you may have been awarded and any research papers you have written. This will demonstrate your commitment to the medical profession and your passion for learning and growing.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer experience is an important component of a med student resume. Include any volunteer experience you have had in a medical setting as well as any non-medical settings. Make sure to list the dates, the facility you served, and a brief description of your responsibilities. Doing this will demonstrate your compassion and your dedication to helping others.

Leadership Roles

Including any leadership roles or positions you have held is also important for a medical student resume. Whether you have been a student leader, held an administrative position, or been a leader in a professional environment, make sure to list any of these experiences. Be sure to include the name of the position, the date you held it, and the responsibilities you held in the position.

Skills and Certifications

It is important to list any certifications or special skills you may have acquired. These can include medical language, computer skills, medical software programs, or any special training you may have received. This shows that you can apply your skills acquired in the classroom to the real world, and that you are equipped to handle the demands of a medical career.


Another important component of a med student resume is references. It is important to list two or three references who can speak to your skills and abilities. Make sure to provide their names, contact information, and relationship to you. This can be one or two people who would be able to speak to your clinical skills, or one or two people who would be able to speak to your leadership or research skills.

People Also Ask

What should a medical student put on a resume?

A medical student should include their medical education, any medical experience or internships, any volunteer experience, any leadership roles and any skills and certifications acquired.

Do medical student need a resume?

Yes, medical students should have a resume to showcase their accomplishments and demonstrate their commitment to the medical field.

What should a medical school student’s resume look like?

A medical school student’s resume should include contact information, education, experience, leadership roles, volunteer work, certifications, and references. It should also be formatted properly, with a clear, concise style.

Should medical students list volunteer experience?

Yes, medical students should list any volunteer experience they have had, as volunteer work is an important component of a med student resume. This shows a commitment to helping others and a passion for the field.

What kind of jobs can a medical student get?

Medical students can get a variety of jobs, such as medical assistant, research assistant, tutor, healthcare consultant, medical assistant, etc.


A resume for a medical student is an essential tool for any aspiring medical professional. Knowing what to include in a resume can be daunting and overwhelming, but being aware of the specific components of a good medical student resume will help you create a compelling resume to stand out from other medical school applicants. Be sure to include your medical education, experience, volunteer work, leadership roles, skills, and references will make sure your resume is the best possible representation of your abilities and knowledge.