Are you looking to write a legal assistant resume that will get you noticed? This can be a daunting task but crafting a resume that stands out doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have years of experience, here is a guide on how to create a Legal Assistant resume that you can be confident will land you the legal support position you’re hoping for.

1. Add A Summary In Your Resume

A summary is an informative and concise introduction to you, the resume writer. It is important to make sure your description is to the point so that it catches the employer’s eye. It should emphasize your strengths, qualifications, and key accomplishments. It should also be brief, consisting of four to six lines.

Be Specific

When it comes to your summary, it is important to make sure you are as specific as possible to ensure your experience is captured accurately. Use action words such as ‘coordinated’, ‘facilitated’,‘assessed’, ‘implemented’, and ‘enforced’.

Include Your Personal Qualities

It is important to set yourself apart from the competition by emphasizing your personal qualities. For example, describe yourself as an analytical legal assistant who is highly organized and competent in managing their workload efficiently. Make sure these qualities are relevant to the position you are applying for.

2. Include Relevant Skills

This is an important section to include as it provides employers with a sense of your technical proficiencies. It is important to be aware that certain employers may be looking for certain skills so make sure you list skills that you have experience in. Include technical and operational skills that require specific knowledge related to the field of law and be sure to highlight any awards and certificate you may have attained.

List Your Best Qualifications

When it comes to this section, be sure to list the qualifications that will grab the employer’s attention. Include qualifications such as detailed knowledge of legal documents, proficient in utilizing legal techniques, and adept at communicating with clients. This will demonstrate to employers your understanding of how the law and legal techniques apply in cases.

Include Technology Skills

In this digital era, technology is becoming ever so important in the workplace. It is important to demonstrate to employers that you are technologically savvy. List the software, databases and other technology programmes you are proficient in.

3. Highlight Your Education

It is important to showcase that you have the necessary qualifications to be a legal assistant, by highlighting your educational qualifications. To properly highlight your educational experience, it is important that you provide accurate and up to date information.

List All Of Your Qualifications

Make sure you provide information on all the qualifications you have obtained. This could include your degree in relevant fields such as law and the college or university you attended.

Include Any Internships You Did

It is important to highlight any internships you may have done in your resume. This is an opportunity to provide your potential employer with proof of your practical experience as a legal assistant.

4. Showcase Your Work Experience

Employers are interested in learning about your previous positions because it demonstrates your experience as a legal assistant. For this section, it is important to include job responsibilities from each company you have been employed with.

Include the Most Relevant Positions

When it comes to this section, be sure to include positions that are relevant to the legal assistant role you are applying for. If you have previously held positions as a legal secretary or legal intern, be sure to include these.

Specify Your Responsibilities

When it comes to responsibilities, it is important to make sure they are accurate and up-to-date. Examples could include providing administrative support to lawyers and other legal staff, preparing legal documents, attending court hearings and preparing trial documents.

5. Other Qualifications

This section is important as it helps to set you apart from other legal assistant candidates. Think of this section as a ‘selling point’. This is the part where you can showcase your qualifications and skills that will make you the best candidate.

Include Any Relevant Certifications

If you have any certifications, such as a certification in legal support, be sure to include this in your resume. This will demonstrate to your employers that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to run the daily operations of a law office.

List Any Awards You Received

It is important to highlight any awards that you have obtained in your legal support role. These could include awards such as top legal assistant or most informed legal assistant.

People also Ask

What Skills Should I List On My Legal Assistant Resume?

When listing your technical proficiencies on your resume, include skills such as knowledge of legal documents, ability to implement legal techniques, and communication skills.

What Qualifications Should I Include On My Legal Assistant Resume?

Make sure to include qualifications such as your degree in relevant fields (e.g. law) and any internships you have done.

What Else Should I Include On My Legal Assistant Resume?

Include certifications you have obtained, such as a certification in legal support, and any awards you have received in your legal support role.

Final Words

Standing out from the competition when it comes to job hunting does not have to be difficult. By following this guide, you will be sure to create a winning resume that showcases your experience and qualifications so that you can land the legal assistant role you’ve been dreaming of.