Writing a resume for a house cleaning job can seem overwhelming. With so many important elements to include, it’s important to follow the right guidelines to ensure your resume makes it to the top of the pile. Below, we offer tips and advice on how to craft the perfect house cleaning resume to get the job you want.

1. Make an Outline for Your House Cleaning Resume

A. Start with a Focused Profile Statement

Before writing your resume, you should have a clear idea of the skills, qualifications and experience that you want to highlight. Starting with making a profile statement that outlines the most important qualities you have for the job is a great way to focus the rest of your resume. This profile statement should include some of the following qualifications:

• Cleaning and organizing expertise
• Highly reliable and hard-working
• Problem-solving
• Attention to detail
• Safe handling and use of cleaning products
• Accurate and timely completion of tasks

B. Include Past House Cleaning Experience

Your past experience will be a key part of your resume. List any prior house cleaning experience you’ve had, including part-time and freelance work, as well as any certifications or specializations you have. Remember to include the duration for each position, any notable achievements or awards, and the duties you were responsible for on the job.

C. Highlight Your Relevant Qualifications and Skills

Include any extra qualifications or skills you have that make you the ideal candidate for the role. These can be certifications in safety, first aid, lifeguarding, cleaning and hygiene, or any other relevant disciplines. You may also want to mention if you have any additional housekeeping related skills, such as cooking, gardening, or laundry, as this could add even more value to your resume.

D. List References

Including references from past employers is also a great way to add credibility to your resume. Make sure to include full contact information for any references you include on your resume, including their job title, employer, and relationship to you.

2. Format Your House Cleaning Resume

A. Make it Easy to Read

Your house cleaning resume should be easy to read and navigate. Use a professional-looking font like Arial or Calibri, a moderate font size such as 11- or 12-point, and clear subheadings such as skills, qualifications and experience. Be sure to include plenty of bullet points to make your resume easier to scan.

B. Streamline Your Layout

The layout of your resume can make or break it. Keep your resume tidy by using plenty of white space and avoiding overly busy formatting. Be sure to use a logical ordering of information, such as chronological listing of job history, with the most recent listed first.

C. Proofread Thoroughly

Once you’ve checked the structure and content of your resume, be sure to read over it several times for typos and other errors. Mistakes can be a real turn-off for recruiters, so be sure to go over your resume carefully. It is also important to make sure that the formatting is consistent and there are no unnecessary images or text that could confuse the reader.

3. Consider Additional Pieces

A. Include a Cover Letter

Including a well-crafted cover letter with your resume can be a great way to make a good impression on potential employers. A well-written cover letter should provide a brief overview of your qualifications, highlight your key skills and be tailored to the specific house cleaning role. Be sure to include plenty of relevant keywords and phrases to make your cover letter stand out.

B. Have a Professional Website

Creating a professional website to showcase your house cleaning experience and credentials can be a great way to make a good impression on potential employers. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and offers a comprehensive overview of your house cleaning skills and experience. You should also include some customer testimonials or other evidence of your work to further demonstrate your expertise.

4. Other Considerations

A. Have a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job is just as important as the information included in your resume. Make sure that your resume reflects your enthusiasm for working in the house cleaning industry and don’t be afraid to mention hobbies or interests that show your enthusiasm.

B. Tailor Your Resume

Your resume should be tailored to each role you are applying for. Be sure to include relevant house cleaning experience and highlight the skills that are the most important for the job you’re applying for.

C. Follow Up After Submission

Remember to follow up on your application with a quick email or phone call to check the status of your resume. This helps demonstrate that you’re serious about the job and gives you chance to ask further questions.

People Also Ask

What should go in a house cleaner resume?

A house cleaner resume should include your past house cleaning experience, qualifications and skills, references, and a positive attitude.

How do you highlight cleaning experience on a resume?

Highlight your past cleaning experience by mentioning any certifications or specializations you have, listing the duties you were responsible for on previously held positions, and mentioning any notable achievements or awards.

How do I make sure my house cleaner resume stands out?

To ensure that your house cleaner resume stands out, you should create a focused profile statement at the start, include plenty of relevant keywords, highlight any relevant certifications, and include customer testimonials or other evidence of your work.

What skills do I need to be a house cleaner?

Skills needed to be a house cleaner include cleaning and organizing expertise, problem-solving, attention to detail, safe handling of cleaning products, and accurate and timely completion of tasks.

Final Words

Writing an effective house cleaner resume calls for an understanding of what employers want to see. Start by outlining the skills and experience you want to include in your resume, then put together a clear, easy-to-read layout, add in any extra details, and customize it for each job. With just a few carefully crafted changes to your house cleaner resume, you can ensure your application stands out from the rest.