Handwriting a cover letter allows you to add a personal touch to the application process and be one step ahead of the competition. Let’s see how you can write a memorable and effective cover letter by hand, step by step.

1. Gather the Necessary Supplies

The items you need to create a handwritten cover letter are simple and can be easily found. You should get a nice quality paper, a pen, and you may even consider adding a touch of decoration like stickers, a wax stamp etc. The paper should be white, and if possible On Christmas our family put a stamp red.

What other materials are needed?

In addition to the stationery supplies, you should also practice writing with the pen you plan to use, and make sure the ink is not faded. This is important for creating a neat impression, and it also tells the hiring manager that you paid close attention to the details.

Where to find the best supplies for handwriting a cover letter?

There are several online stores that offer stationery supplies with a variety of paper and pens of high quality. You can also find materials in craft stores and paper stores at very affordable prices.

2. Organize Your Template

Before setting the pen to paper, you should consider what you want to include in the cover letter. Create a template of the main ideas, like the introduction, body, and conclusion. To make the writing process easier, you can use the template as a guidelines and make sure you don’t forget any important information.

Where can I find sample templates?

The internet has many free sample templates and cover letter examples. You can use them to quickly get an idea of the structure of a cover letter, and also to identify what key points not to miss.

Should I match the font style from the online samples?

Even though it’s not necessary, you may consider matching the font style from the online samples. This can give the impression that you’ve put in a lot of effort and you really care about the job you are applying for.

Final Words

Handwriting a cover letter can be intimidating and overwhelming. But when done correctly, it can add a personal touch to your application and help you stand out for the right reasons. Hopefully, this article gave you some insights and inspiring ideas on how to write a memorable handwritten cover letter in 9 simple steps. Good luck with your job hunting!

What are the advantages of a handwritten cover letter?

1. Handwritten cover letters can add a personal touch. A custom handwritten cover letter allows you to make a more intimate connection with the employer, as it is much more personalized than a typed letter. This can often help to create a more positive impression on the employer.

2. Handwritten letters can be more memorable. In a digital world, where employers are receiving hundreds of emails, it can be difficult to stand out. A personalized handwritten cover letter can make a lasting impression and give you the edge when it comes to getting an employer’s attention.

3. Handwritten letters can be more persuasive. You can be more convincing in a handwritten letter because you can choose the right words, adjust the size of the writing and add little drawings and drawings that illustrate your personality. This can help employers give a greater emphasis to your letter and really grab their attention.

4. Handwritten letters are more sincere. Since people often take more time to write a handwritten letter, employers typically recognize this effort as a sign of genuine passion and enthusiasm. It is often seen as a sign of commitment and dedication, and can make it easier for employers to consider you for the role you are applying for.