Creating a content writer resume can be a daunting task. How do you present your background and qualifications when your experience consists of more than just your 9-5 job? How do you make sure you’re maximizing your opportunities when you really don’t know where to begin? The good news is that you’re hardly alone in this boat—many people out there face the same issue. To make sure your resume stands out and effectively showcases your skills, here is an outline of the essential parts of a content writer resume and how to create one.

1. Start With Tailored Personal Info

It’s important to provide the basics: your name, contact information (phone number, email address and website), and professional summary. But don’t stop there. Summarize yourself in a way that appeals to the position at hand in order to make sure your resume is appropriately tailored for the role.

Personal Tagline

Creating a catchy tagline can help recruiters remember your resume. What’s more, a well-crafted tagline can make it more likely that recruiters will give you a second look. It could be an appealing version of your professional summary or some other creative title.

Contact Information

When including your contact information, make sure you’re being comprehensive. On top of including your name, phone number and email, take a step further and make sure recruiters can easily find your blog, website or social media profiles. This allows employers to further access your portfolio and see your skills and writing style for themselves.

2. List Your Experience

Now that the personal info is taken care of, move onto experience. Explain your current job and list the organizations you’ve worked with in the past. Here you have the chance to overview your team accomplishments and the success you’ve had as a content writer. Remember to include valid and qualified examples of the projects you’ve worked on and the organizations you’ve worked for to give your resume an extra edge.

Employment History

Include the roles and titles you’ve had with each past employer on the content writer resume. This could include the company name and job title plus the duration of employment. Make sure the experience you list is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Resume Achievement

Make sure to mention any team successes or awards you were part of—this will highlight your accomplishments and make sure your potential employer can see the direct impact you had.

3. Include Skills and Credentials

After mentioning work experience, list the relevant skills that make a successful content writer resume. This could include things like familiarity with a specific CMS, social media platforms and other content-related software. This is also a great opportunity to showcase Hard Skills, such as HTML coding, copywriting, or design skills. Further, demonstrate your technical proficiency and credentials by certifications and other related custom badges or awards from professional or academic institutes.

Soft Skills

After listing your technical skills, mention the Soft Skills as well, as these are more important in the content writing industry. Think of the areas where you’re superior such as communication, problem solving, organization and time management. Soft skills can help demonstrate your ability to perform better in the workplace with both team members and clients.

Educational Qualification

Make sure you include your degrees, at least the highest-level degree. This is especially important if you’re applying for a role that requires specific qualifications. If there are related courses or relevant workshops feel free to include them as well.

People Also Ask Questions

What information should a content writer resume include?

A content writer resume should include personal information (tagline, contact information, and professional summary), employment history, resume achievements, skills and credentials (soft skills, Hard Skills, educational qualification, certifications, custom badges, awards etc).

How should a content writer list their work experience?

On a content writer resume, the work experience section should list the roles and titles had with each past employer, including the company name and job title plus the duration of employment. It is important to only list relevant experience for the job you are applying for.

What skills are important on a content writer resume?

Some important skills for a content writer resume include technical skills such as familiarity with a specific CMS, social media platforms and other content-related software, and HTML coding, copywriting. Also include soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, organization and time management skills.

How much detail should be included for a content writer resume?

For a content writer resume, it is important to include enough detail to effectively showcase your skills, while understanding the need to be concise. The personal information section should include basics such as your name, contact details and professional summary, plus a tailored version of your summary to appeal to the position. The work experience section should explain your current job and list the organisations worked with in the past. Make sure to mention any team successes or awards you were part of and list relevant skills and credentials.

Final Words

Creating a great content writer resume can seem intimidating, but you can make it easier on yourself by following the tips outlined in this article. From tailored personal information to listing relevant experience and skills, you can be sure your resume will have a leg up on the competition. Don’t forget to mention any awards, certifications and custom badges to demonstrate your qualifications. Be sure to follow the steps above and you’ll be sure to have a content writer resume that stands out.