Writing a resume for a business administration position can be daunting for many. Yet, if done carefully and thoughtfully, it can help land you the job of your dreams. This guide will help you craft a resume objective for a business administration position that will boost your chances of getting hired.

What is a Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a concise statement, often placed at the top of a resume, that states your career goals and summarizes your skills and experiences. This statement is the first thing potential employers will read when reviewing your resume, and thus it must be compelling to grab their attention and convince them that you’re the right fit for their organization.

Essential Skills For a Business Administration Resume

A successful business administration resume requires a combination of soft-skills and hard-skills. Soft-skills include effective communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Hard-skills, however, refer to knowledge of specific tools, like Microsoft Office Suite, Sage 50, or QuickBooks.

Communication Skills

Business administration ultimately boils down to communication and people skills. You must be able to effectively communicate with other employees and managers. Include in your resume the ability to motivate teams and inspire devotion, maintain open channels of communication, and resolve conflicts between coworkers.

Organizational Skills

Another important skill to mention in your resume is the ability to prioritize tasks. Business administration requires you to set and meet deadlines while managing several projects at once. Good organizational skills will be a huge asset to potential employers and should be reflected prominently in your business administration resume.

Problem Solving Skills

Business administration often entails the resolution of challenging and unforeseen problems. Show off your analytical skills with examples of how you develop solutions or work through complex issues. Demonstrate that you can think on your feet and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Computer Skills

In the business world today, computer skills are an essential part of the job. Be sure to mention any specific software or programs that you are experienced with, such as, Microsoft Office Suite, Sage 50, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc. Employers will want to know that you are technologically apt.

Leadership Qualities

Business administration requires a great deal of leadership qualities, ranging from driving change to inspiring innovation. Include skills such as team building, planning and organizing, and managing personnel. Showcase in your resume how you have challenged the status quo in the past and been successful in your endeavors.

People Also Ask:

What should a business administration resume contain?

A business administration resume should contain a combination of both hard and soft skills, such as effective communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills, as well as computer skills and experience with specific programs or software.

What are the most important skills for a business administration resume?

The most important skills for a business administration resume are communication, organizational, problem-solving, and computer skills. Leadership skills such as team building and managing personnel are also important.

How should a resume objective be written?

A resume objective should include your career goals and a summary of relevant skills, experiences, and education. It should be concise and eye-catching, to capture the attention of the employer.

What qualities should a business administration resume demonstrate?

A business administration resume should demonstrate effective communication and organizational skills, problem-solving aptitude, computer skills, and leadership qualities such as motivating teams and inspiring innovation.

What tips should be followed for writing a business administration resume?

Tips for writing a business administration resume include highlighting your relevant hard and soft skills, keeping your resume organized and concise, weaving numbers into your accomplishments and avoiding cliched phrases. Also, include any relevant education, training and credentials you may have.


We hope this article helped you learn how to write a business administration resume objective. To recap, it’s important to highlight your experience with both hard and soft skills, mention any relevant training, education and credentials, include leadership experience and make sure your resume objective is concise and eye-catching. With these tips, you’re sure to have employers eager to learn more about you.