The resumes of bar managers should not just list job titles and experiences, but also showcase their expertise in the industry and the capability to bring in new customers and increase overall profits. Writing a bar manager resume is a task that requires careful thought, research and presentation. To craft an effective resume that stands out from the rest, this guide will help you learn how to write a bar manager resume that catches the eye of hiring managers and increases the chances of landing your dream job.


1. Research the Job Description
2. Listing Relevant Experience
3. Supporting Skills & Qualifications
4. Create A Powerful Summary Statement
5. Write A Compelling Professional Highlights Section
6. Use Keywords To Improve Your Resume
7. Utilize Professional Formats
8. Proofread Your Resume
9. craft An Engaging Cover Letter
10. Follow Up After Submitting Your Resume

Research the Job Description

Before writing a bar manager resume, it is important that the candidate understands the job description of the position they are aiming for. Read the job posting carefully and make sure there is an understanding of the duties and tasks that will be expected. It is key to list experiences and involvements in the resume that are relevant to the bar manager role.

Scope of the Job

Before describing the qualifications, experiences and skills in the resume, take a moment to determine the scope of the position being applied to, the size of the establishment, the customers and the overall atmosphere of the bar. Understanding the scope of the job will help to ensure relevant experiences and qualifications are listed on the resume.

Determine the Level of Responsibilities

The scope and level of responsibility are often related, though not always. It is important to read through the job description carefully, and find out what level of control the bar manager will have. Even if the responsibilities appear similar, the level and scope of responsibilities may be different, which can be reflected in the resume.

Listing Relevant Experience

The experiences and involvements listed on the resume should represent the position the candidate has held either in the current or past jobs. All experiences or involvements related to the bar manager role should be included. Providing detailed descriptions for each position listed, emphasizing the important tasks and duties, will help to demonstrate a candidate’s understanding of the bar manager role and their ability to performing the tasks of a bar manager.

Current or Most Recent Employer

Start by providing information related to the current or most recent employer. Describe the duties of the most recent position held and provide detailed information about the accomplishments in that role. Focus on the skills and experiences relevant to the bar manager role and make sure to emphasize the positive effects of the presented experiences and roles on the previous employers’ establishments.

Previous Employers

Continue by listing the previous employers and the experiences held at those establishments. Make sure to list only the experiences relevant to the bar manager role and describe each position fully. Emphasize the successes and tangible effects of each position and highlight the skills used in each role.

People Also Ask

What Skills Does a Bar Manager Need?

A bar manager should posses strong people skills, basic knowledge of alcoholic beverages and food preparation. Additionally, proficiency in customer service, scheduling, budgeting and managing teams of employees are important skills for bar managers.

How Do I Make My Bar Manager Resume Stand Out?

In order to make your bar manager resume stand out, emphasize the achievements and successes in the previous jobs held and highlight the skills and experiences related to the bar manager position. Provide relevant information that shows an understanding of the industry and the ability to use data to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

How Many Work Experiences Should I Include On My Bar Manager Resume?

A bar manager resume should include relevant experiences and involvements. The number of experiences to include is dependent on the length of work in the bar manager industry. Make sure to include only the relevant experiences and describe each position fully and clearly.


Writing a bar manager resume can be a daunting task, but the great news is that the perfect resume can be written with a bit of research and a dedication to detail. Follow the tips outlined here and create a bar manager resume that sets you apart from other applicants. The trick is to focus on relevant experiences, highlight skills and describe each position fully to show the employer that you have the right background and personality to be an excellent bar manager. With the right resume, you are sure to make a good impression and increase your chances of getting the job.